'Teen Mom' Catelynn Milked Her Pregnancy Rumor for All It's Worth

catelynn teen momCatelynn Lowell of Teen Mom fame wants you to know that she's not pregnant. She just, you know, didn't really want you to know right away that she wasn't knocked up because, well, that might have gotten her less money. Here's the deal. Catelynn's ne'rdowell mother, April, fabricated a whole interview for In Touch, using fake voices and fake sources and everything, saying that her daughter was pregnant. Catelynn was quick to dispel the rumor, telling Us Weekly that no, she's on the pill and is in no way with child.

Now, Catelynn and fiance Tyler are speaking out again, and are on the cover of In Touch telling their side of the pregnancy rumor story.

Is it just me, or do Catelynn and Tyler seem to be revelling in this fake news story about them?

What April did is abhorrent, disturbing, and effed up -- no doubt about it. But as Catelynn has probably learned from her years on reality TV and tabloid magazines, what's bad for the family is good for the bank account.

What's the fastest way to turn one non story into two? First you lie, then you come clean. Your paycheck doubles that way. April undoubtedly got money for her story, and now Catelynn's surely getting paid for her version of the truth. Even if Catelynn's totally innocent in all this and had nothing to do with April's blasphemous lies, she's still benefiting from her mother's ineptitude. Monetarily benefiting, but benefiting nonetheless.

I can't blame Catelynn for selling her I'm not pregnant and my mom's crazy story to In Touch. Why not monetize the drama if you can, right? If the only silver lining that surrounds your home life is that you can get paid for telling lies and coming clean, then so be it.

I wish Catelynn and Tyler the best -- they've got a lot to deal with, and for 20-year-olds, they're doing a damn good job of handling it all.

Do you think Catelynn is basking in the drama her mom has created?


Photo via In Touch

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dirti... dirtiekittie

um, no - i don't. i don't possibly see how being contacted for an interview and setting the story straight is "basking from the drama her mom created". honestly, i think april did it because she knew it would get attention ("another teen mom is pregnant!" grabs headlines every time, no matter how much like or dislike them) and catelynn and tyler were given an opportunity to correct the false story.

i don't see how you can write an entire blog post accusing someone of just doing an interview for money and then wish them the best. i mean, who cares if they got paid? knowing those two, they probably put the money towards their school and some gifts for carly. the blogger's line at the end about "I wish Catelynn and Tyler the best -- they've got a lot to deal with, and for 20-year-olds, they're doing a damn good job of handling it all." is hard to take sincerely when you've spent the whole rest of your article bashing them for something they didn't even instigate. sheesh.


No I don't think they're "basking in the drama". They told the truth and are telling what really happened.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Her mom is a snake and she's setting the record strait. What's the big deal about that? Why are you so sure she's in on it? She barely even talks to her mom.

bobek bobek

At least it is her story to sell. Now your are milking it, because nobody would care about your rumored pregnancy. You should thank her, instead.

toria... toriandgrace

I'm confused. You say she wanted them to know she wasn't pregnant, just not right away, then you say she was quick to set the story straight. So which is it? Was she delaying or was she quick?

nonmember avatar Christie

@dirtiekittie ... Well said!!!

nonmember avatar K.in.kentucky

No, I don't. Who cares if she did get paid? She has no control over what her mom does. She set the story straight, like you said. Would've you been happir if she stuffed her shirt and rode it out for a fw months? Get real. Ppl always find something to piss and moan about!

Christina Leigh

If somebody is spreading rumors about you, wouldn't you want to set it straight and tell the truth?  The quickest way for them to do that was through In Touch.  Big freaking whoop.  Leave them alone, they're the most decent people that were ever on 16&Pregnant.  Somebody's obviously jealous.

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