'Real Housewives of Orange County' Finale Part 2 Recap: The Evil Eye Strikes Again

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra BarneyWell, that was some party. Tonight on the season seven finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we picked back up in the aftermath of Sarah Winchester eating the bow off of Heather Dubrow's cake. You would have thought there was enough ado made about it last week, but Sarah just wouldn't let it go. Finally, they booted her sloppy drunk ass out, and it was time to get back to the lovely, elegant, drama-free affair Heather had planned.

Yeah right; the drama just kept getting dialed up. First up, Jim Bellino decided to grace everyone with his grumpy presence. Does that man EVER smile? Alexis was nauseatingly excited and screechy when she saw him, but then got put in her place right quick when she tried to encourage him to go talk things out with Terry Dubrow, who had supposedly called Alexis "the phoniest person he'd ever met."

"Really, are you wearing the pants now?" he chastised her as everyone visibly flinched; everybody but Jesus Barbie, who stands by her man. 

It was ridiculous for him to show up and not expect to talk about the issue at hand, though why he needed to get involved is beyond me. It should be between Terry and Alexis, and they seem fine, but, of course, he's the man, and he wears the pants, dammit. He ended up storming out in the end after Tamra and Heather joined the conversation (God forbid women speak!), and nothing was resolved.

Alexis defended him, saying it should have been a discussion "man to man." Gag. And for all of her standing by him, he just stormed out and ditched her ass. "Where's the 'one flesh' and all of that?" Heather asked. Exactly.

Also on the stand-by-your-man express was Vicki Gunvalson, and she continued to run down anyone who dared get in the way of her and Brooks Ayers. NO ONE likes the guy, and they have some pretty good reasons why they don't, but Vicki only has eyes for Brooks. As for Brooks, no one really knows what his eyes are focused on, but there's plenty of suspicion -- thus Briana and Tamra's understandable caution about Vicki's relationship with him.

The way he acted at the table when they were all laughing and having fun was bizarre too and did nothing to win him any fans. Sure, Tamra rolled her eyes when Vicki made an imaginary toast to Alexis (who eventually caught up with Jim and left), but Brooks blew it up and made it into a full-on fight. He kept insisting that Tamra had given Vicki the evil eye (a term which you might remember has some dramatic history with her).

He was uber aggressive right out of the gate. "Really? You wanna go there?" he said as soon as he saw the look he didn't like. Now, I will say that Tamra started acting pretty belligerent too after that, but it was Brooks who primarily fueled the fire and kept fanning it by whispering things into Vicki's ear. It definitely felt like he was trying to start a fight.

Why? I'm not sure, though him wanting Vicki to distance herself from friends and family members who have suspicions about him certainly could have something to do with it. Huh. If so, he accomplished his mission because Vicki seems determined to be done with Tamra once and for all. "I'm hurt, I'm sad, and I'm done," she said.

It's too bad when friendships crumble, especially over a man, but Vicki's been pretty clear that Brooks comes first. In a weird speech after everything that went down, she said, "I’ve never been happier and everyone is going to have to deal with it. I love Brooks, he is my man, you’re either in or you’re out.” Looks like she's the only one that's in, and I'm not convinced she's not in for some heartache and perhaps even worse down the line.

Do you think Brooks was out of line? Do you think Tamra overreacted? Do you think Tamra and Vicki will ever be friends again?


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nonmember avatar kay

I agree that the conversation was man to man. If a man talks shit about me, sho nuff my husband is going to pull that man aside and have a few words with him and shouldn't be interrupted by sqawking hens. Also, my husband is no beyotch and wouldn't be gossiping and calling women names either. Heather's husband was terrified and they think they can get away with saying anything as long as they say it in proper english.

nonmember avatar MotherMayI

I am not a fan of Brooks, but Tamra is in no position to judge Brooks, or anyone. Tamra is the most manipulative and poisonous RHW and personally, I think she should thank Brooks for not filing a criminal complaint against her when she forcibly put his hand on her breast. If a man forcibly put my hand on his genitals, I'd call that sexual assault. I think both Tamra and Brianna are focusing on Brooks to deflect from their own questionable decisions.

Lisa Humphries

I think it's interesting that Vicki wants everyone to keep quiet about Brooks but she had no qualms in voicing her opinion on Simon and Slade.

USMCw... USMCwife0530

I agree with all you ladies. I think Tamra had no business sitting down and joining the discussion between Terry & Jim. And while I've never been a fan Tamra, I gotta say, I love that her and Gretchen are friends now.

short... shortstuff60

Brooks wants Vicki to give all her friends up so he can steal her money. Brooks is a manipulative person. I cannot believe he is that good in bed; that she could not see what her family and friends see.

Justa... Justamom283

I think it was nice that Jim showed up for Alexis and you left out the part where Jim told Terry he would rather talk to him at lunch just the 2 of them. And with Heather and sh$t starting Tamra plopping her drunk butt down it looks like he was right. It's not like Jim and Alexis came together and he left her there, they came separately. I think the producers made him come. He sure didn't look like he wanted to be there. And by his reaction as he was leaving, he knew nothing good would come of it. While Heather and Terry seem like a nice united couple I wonder why they can't ever fight by themselves. She had to get her girl posse together to confront Sarah and just had to run over to pipe in with Jim and Terry. I give it to next season until viewer grow tired of her know it all attitude. Tamra is truly earning her paycheck this year. It is clearly her role to stay in everyone's business and to start drama when there isn't any. I had high hopes at the beginning of the season when she apologized to Gretchen but then she took aim at Alexis and Brooks. I just wish one of these ladies would turn to her and ask her "Why do you care so much." "Shut up and leave them be." She reminds me of my friends little Pomeranian dog. She runs from person to person yipping and biting at our ankles and then runs off to go bark at someone else. She has teased hair and wears a fake studded collar like Tamra too. They have more in common than I first thought. LOL

Anna Maria

I agree with JUSTAMOM. Tamra's a shit stirrer. I honestly can't stand that woman. Every season she targets someone to torment. I think if Alexis just turned to her every time she opened her mouth and gave back the bullcrap Tamra throw at her calling her an "miserable bitchy old hag" because she's 10 years older than her and keep talking about what a loser she must be to have two men walk away from her and how Eddie will probably walk away in ten years, blah, blah, blah, Tamra will STFU. That's why Tamra's friends with Gretchen because Gretchen finally got tired of listening to Tamra's crap and kept going after her last season. Some people can't understand being respectful, so keeping your mouth shut is looked upon as weakness. I hope next season Alexis tears into that miserable old biddy.

Anna Maria

I also agree that Heather is pitiful to always have to gang up on people and have everyone around when she does the confronting. CLASSLESS!! Jim didn't want to talk about what was bothering him at the party that night. We was being friendly and cordial to both of the Dubrows, but the Dr insisted on speaking about it right there. Then Heather had to sunter over in get in the middle of it, which, since she was the one who confronted his wife, had the right to be there next to her husband, but why did Tamra go there if not to stir some more crap. Jim left because he didnt' want to turn a conversation he was having with the Dr into a shit show for the rest of the party to witness like how it turned out with Vicki and Tamra. Notice: Tamra was the one who raised her voice and stood up and leaned over the table and yelled at Brooks. Tamra just can't handle someone being happy. I truly despise that woman. I hope she looks at herself on the show and gets some help. Also...notice how she 'cried' when speaking to Jena last week and talking to Briana, she 'sobbed' and yet not a single tear was shed? She's such a manipulating bitch. She claims other people are phoney but yet she's the biggest phoney in the entire RHW franchise.

Jennifer Cox Carter

I think Heather and Tamra had no buisness sitting down on the guys situation. "The Chin" didn't want to talk about it at the party, to wait till they were alone and do it at lunch the following week. I can see why. I am by NO means an Alexis fan, and her husband turns my stomach, but I agree it should have been man to man. Vicki has lost it, and Brooks is a creepy fame whore but I think Tamra went a little over board. Seems for the OC season finales, they always have a get together end of the season party at someones house. They always end the same way. Past Housewives you havent seen all season show up, and there is a lot of drama and drinks flying in peoples faces. Makes you wonder how much of that was real or just for end of the season ratings.

Snark... Snarkymom

I agree with Justamom.  I also think that Jim should have been able to have a conversation with Terry, man to man, without Heather and Tamra butting in. Seems like the writer is a big Tamra fan, but forgets that most of the big arguments this season were peppered by Tamra.  I did NOT like how she had that conversation with Brianna. She should have kept the argument between her and Vicki and not pull children into it.

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