Jessica Simpson Is Allowed to Be 'Stressed & Overwhelmed' Just Like Any Other New Mom (VIDEO)

jessica simpson cleavageAww. I feel really, really bad for Jessica Simpson. Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic! It truly makes me sad to hear that the new mom is reportedly "stressed and overwhelmed" about the $4 million deal she made with Weight Watchers to lose 50 pounds in 5 months. Especially the part about how it breaks her heart to hit the gym when all she wants to do is spend time with baby Maxwell Drew. According to a "friend," she “She doesn't want to leave her baby,” a friend said. “Sometimes she just starts crying. It's hard for her."

Aww. I remember the emotional rollercoaster of early motherhood; how the slightest thing could make me weep uncontrollably. The baby made a sad face, oh my god! Boo-hoo-hoo! I feel for Jessica Simpson because she's just like any other new mom. (Except for the part about getting millions to lose the baby weight all new moms have to lose, but close enough.) And being a new mom is tough!

Take the pic Simpson tweeted of her giant nursing boobs. Sure, breastfeeding gives you quite the bountiful bosom, but in reality -- as Jessica Simpson no doubt knows by now -- those big boobs can be incredibly painful! Not to mention the leaking. The irritated nipples. And my fave, clogged milk ducts.

Sure, motherhood has brought Jessica Simpson millions of dollars and more cleavage than ever, but that doesn't mean adjusting to motherhood is any easier for her than it was for you or me.

Do you think Jessica Simpson deserves to be an emotional new mom even though she's a celeb?

jessica simpson


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bills... billsfan1104

I think everyone ahould leave her alone.

Venae Venae

She can just give the money back.  

Torra... TorranceMom

If Jessica really wanted to be with baby Maxwell . . . she would. This woman has more money than God and did not need this contract with Weight Watchers. I don't buy into her sob story because her actions reveal her true intentions.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Um... yes she does. Money clearly doesn't buy happiness. She is human.

fraoch fraoch

I think that any new mom has the right to miss their child when they go to work. What does being a celeb have to do with it? Does having money mean you love your kids less or something?

Silly people.

Water... Water_geM

I think we are all entitled to be emotional the fort few months after giving birth.

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

Do you remember having your first child and thinking nothing would change in your life? I know I certainly did. I planned, God laughed. I had no idea how hard it would be to have a baby who needed to eat every two hours, sleep all day and awake all night and lets not forget the hormones. I remember thinking a funeral, several states away when my son was a month old would be no problem. What in the hell was I thinking?

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