Did Kris Jenner 'Direct' Kim's Sex Tape? 'Cause That's Gross

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Kim KardashianWoah, woah, woah, wait, hold up. What?!! This Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce is getting UGLY, y'all. Uhg-goo-lee! First off, we have Kris wanting a $7 million settlement because he is saying that the marriage was a sham and he was just crushed to get dumped so soon. But reports say maybe he wasn't, you know, THAT crushed, because he's had a girlfriend since January! And apparently been doing all kinds of things to cover that fact up, including sicking the FBI on his girlfriend (who he says is not his girlfriend). And the latest salvo has him accusing Kim of physically abusing him. All of this is enough to qualify for Nastiest Divorce of the Decade, but it just got a whole lot more bizarre.

According to TMZ, Humphries told his girlfriend (who he says is not his girlfriend), Myla Sinanaj, that ... okay, here it comes ... that Kim's mom Kris Jenner "directed" her daughter to shoot her infamous sex tape. And then she told Kim to reshoot it because she didn't look "pretty" enough the first time.

Waaahhhh! Gross. If there is any truth to this whatsoever, this means that Kris Jenner watched her daughter's sex tape. And not just once but twice! Can I get a big ewwwwww?

Now, let me just say, Kris Humphries could have been joking when he said this stuff to Myla -- IF he said it at all. Word has it that Myla has these accusations in text messages, and text messages don't exactly have a tone. Maybe Kris forgot to put a "wink" next to his, "Yeah, Kim's mom totally directed her sex tape," message. If he even wrote that.

What kind of bozo writes this stuff knowing it could all be subpoenaed? And is anyone else starting to feel like this divorce is a helluva lot more interesting than the marriage was? Sort of wishing this would have been filmed.

Anyway, I find it hard to believe Kris Jenner told her daughter to do a sex tape, or 'directed' it (ack!), or told her to reshoot it, or watched it. I guess stranger things have happened, but I'm not buying it. It's just too gross.

Do you believe Kris Jenner planned Kim's sex tape?


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mamma... mammajigglypuff

I was curious so I had to watch it and you can call me a perve I don't care.

But the 2 clips I saw you could tell it was not a "spontanious" sex tape between to lover but it was being directed by someone and someone was filming it.

Misha... Misha1204

I wouldn't put anything past her or anyone else in this family.

aom1112 aom1112

As crazy as it is, I would believe it.

Nikki Hensley

Honestly, I could see those two doing this. So likes Kris to say "she wasn't pretty enough".. Kris knows how to make money, & get out there. What better way for daughter Kim to really get the media attention than a sex tape?? Just my opinion.

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