'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Needs to Rethink Her 'Playboy' Plan

Chelsea HouskaChelsea Houska seems sweet as can be on Teen Mom 2, but really wow. She is also about the most naive teen mom of all the ones we have seen on both Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant combined. And that's saying a lot. The latest from the girl is that she wants to pose for Playboy.

Apparently, this is something the young mom told her web designer that her father then quickly denied. Of course he did. Houska is one of the few teen moms who has a great dad who supports her every move. And she STILL wants to be in Maxim or Playboy. Oy, girl.

Here's the thing: Teen Mom is not a career path. I know, that's a terrible thing to say, but it shouldn't come as a shock that the day this series ends, so too does the gravy train. She better have a better plan than Playboy.

The thing is, even if she did do Playboy, that's not a career. She isn't really a Playboy girl so much as appealing for the circus-like cult of interest around her. She would be in it because she is on Teen Mom, not because she is somehow Playboy material.

This is a bit like when someone who was poor wins the lottery. Since they never had money before, they often squander it on bad investments and too many material items.

Smarter people invest that money. Houska should look to Catelynn or to Maci for advice. Both graduated from high school and are going to college. They are using the money and the platform the show provides them to better themselves and help others, not to go down a bad path.

Chelsea is so cute and a good mom, but she is so misguided. This is obvious from the way she depends on her dad to the way she never fights her baby's daddy. Adam is a complete jerk and it's obvious to everyone but Chelsea.

Chelsea isn't a bad girl or a mean girl, but it's time for her to step up and stop playing a kids' game. She needs to be a grown-up and a guide for her daughter, and Playboy and Maxim aren't the way to get there. Her dad knows this. Let's hope she does, too.

Do you think posing for a magazine is a bad plan?


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nonmember avatar garden

I have a 25 year old sister who have her kid away when she was 3. She reminds me of Janelle.

Anna Potts

not a bad thing but there is a difference in wanting to pose and being offered! they wouldnt take her maximum would but they take any one naked so big dream!

sssim... sssimplysssarah

Totally agree w this article! Chelsea is one if the few likable ones, but she is painfully naive. Her dad has always helped her out, so she's also one of the few who hasn't had to struggle to be financially secure. I think that's probably why she would waste rime chasing some Playboy dream, as opposed to investing her efforts to develop a real career. God, her baby daddy is literally the worst on the whole series! I think he even beats Maci's Ryan, which is saying a lot lol

Torra... TorranceMom

Just my opinion but I don't really think Chelsea is Maxim or Playboy material.

Erica Skaggs

maybe she is proud of her body and woman hood and wants to show it off. She is a good mom so what does it matter?

nonmember avatar victoria

I think if she wants to do it, let her do it. What do you do besides blog about the teen moms? Like you are really doing something important with your lofe besides gossiping. It is none of our business what she does or doesn't do.she is a good mother and if she want to do playboy let her. Those girls make good money.

Heaven Benningfield

Just my opinion but I don't really think Chelsea is Maxim or Playboy material. I agree with this woman; but then again it is Chelsea's choice, so don't hate on it. Let her be her and do her (:

nonmember avatar aly

Chelsea already said she wasn't doing playboy .

Jenni Kohl

These teen moms are all the same.. They all sell scentsy or whatever, all thought about playboy or making porn..  I think the tabloids make this shit up

Becky Hudson

I think her hair should be in playboy or maxin but not her face or body


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