'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season Finale Part 1 Recap: Sarah Winchester Takes the Crazy Cake

Sarah Winchester and Heather DubrowHeather Dubrow’s big fancy pants party to celebrate her name change set the stage for the drama tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County. And my what an extraordinary stage it was. From the breathtaking views to the insane flower arrangements to the sparkly cake at the center of it all, it was high class ... guests excluded.

Everything started out nice and civilized, with Vicki Gunvalson showing off her new fur and telling anyone and everyone that, "Brooks bought it." When Jeana Keough and her daughter Kara showed up, it looked like sparks (or something liquid) might fly, but instead Tamra Barney and Jeana reconciled -- or sort of did. At least Tamra issued an apology through her fake tears, so that was something.

Then Sarah Winchester had to go and take the cake. Literally.

Not content with all the food being passed at the party, Sarah -- a clearly drunk Sarah -- snapped off a piece of the bow on Heather's cake and ate it. Oh yes, she did.

Heather was 50 shades of furious, but if Sarah had just apologized, she might have dismissed her and moved on. Of course, Sarah wasn't about to apologize; instead she got belligerent.

When Heather asked her why she would do such a thing, Sarah responded, "Because I wanted to." She quickly changed her story to some lame sugar problem she supposedly has and tried to stick with that. From there she started spewing on about how she couldn't believe Heather would be so upset about something so minor, and Alexis Bellino was right there backing her up and chastising the women for overreacting and ganging up on Sarah just like they'd ganged up on her in Costa Rica.

"Get over it," Sarah repeatedly told Heather, then she called her fake and pretentious. As Heather pointed out, she hopped back on that hamster wheel we saw the last time she brought the drama, where she just kept repeating herself ad nauseum. It was ugly.

Sure, it was just cake, but no one in their right mind would do what Sarah did. I don't blame Heather for being pissed, and given Sarah's belligerent attitude and refusal to acknowledge that what she'd done was wrong, I don't think she overreacted at all.

It was a major party foul, and that's two BIG strikes for Sarah. Next week I'm guessing she'll be out of there. 

Do you think Heather and the other Housewives overreacted when Sarah ate the cake?


Image via Bravo

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Dee Knowlton

HA HA HA HA I just thought it was so funny!Sarah did it on purpose,come on think about it!They think their crap don't stink,they get Alexis in another country then attack her,good 4 her.Take that u witches,ha ha ha ha !It was priceless just 2 c Heathers face TRY 2 drop.


Torra... TorranceMom

Sarah was clearly out of line. Lay off the sauce, chica - drunk doesn't suit anyone.

Torra... TorranceMom

Also, as if I needed another reason to dislike Vicki. Really Vicki? A fur coat?

nonmember avatar Jo

I really don't like Sarah but I don't care too much for Heather. I especially can't stand Tamra. Kudos to Cara to standing up to her for her mother, I'd watch her on a show. Oh, I especially can't stand how they criticize Alexis for being friendly. What was she supposed to do, be bitchy? Ugh, why do I watch this crap?

nonmember avatar No Manners

I don't care what reason she made up, that it a trashy thing to do. Any time something is an edible design element like that, hands off. I know this wasn't for a wedding or a birthday, but to me it's a similar idea... no sane, sober, polite person eats a piece of decoration off a cake before it is served.

nonmember avatar MFrazz

It made no difference whether people like Heather and the ladies, the first problem was that Alexis brought an uninvited guest to a personal party at someone's home. She should have called and cleared it with Heather first. The cake incident is so absurd because that woman has no class. You have an "alleged" sugar problem, normally people bring sweets with them who have that. Or else she is in a house, during a party, waiters walking aroundm the hosts are standing in the same room, you don't ask someone. I don't care what the occasion, had it been my cake I would be pissed. The audacity and to act like so what. What next, I was cold so I went in your room and got a sweater. She has no class, and a drinking problem. When Alexis had to tell her in the bathroom to slow down and move to water, that was the clue it probably was best to take her home. I would not have backed her. And Heather and Terry's house is amazing!! Wow.

myvoice1 myvoice1

First of all how long was that cake suppose to sit out there before someone ate it? It wasnt like she stuck her hand in and took a chunk (Ive seen that at some parties) she just took a piece of the bow off. That person who told Heather didnt even have to mention it because knowone would have noticed. The only thing people were looking at was Heather's home. Heather needs so much attention and she acts likes she's a good person but in a way she's worse than Tamara. Atleast Tamara admits her garbage, Heather covers her stuff up like she did nothing and those are the worse kind of bullies. As soon as she found out about the incident she immediately ran to the girls. If it bothered her so much she didnt need an audience, she could have just pulled that girl to the side. Heather is so jealous of Alexis its disgusting. I love Alexis. Tamara is still hillbilly trash and who cares if Vicky takes care of her man look at all those ugly women (heather) whose Husbands take care of them. You go Vicky. As long as she's happy who cares.

nonmember avatar Pamzies

Sugar problem? What about all the sugar in those drinks you were having dummy? It was rude, and she tried to own it but failed. Anyway, no one in their right mind would break off a piece of someone's cake prior to service. Alexis should not bring Sarah around cause it will just reflect poorly on her.

dusti... dustinsmom1

Alexis deserved her intervention, she is fake and clueless. NO ONE IS JEALOUS OF ALEXIS, shes a clueless bimbo. As for her drunk ass trailer trash friend, really??? You don't touch someone cake, you just don't, its not like it was just a birthday cake or something, it was special event cake, you don't touch it. OMG, the girls did not gang up, just simply asked her what she was thinking???

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