'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Craziest Headlines (So Far)

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Jenelle EvansIt's safe to say the stars of Teen Mom are no strangers to controversy, especially the most dramatic star of Teen Mom 2 -- the queen of controversy herself, Jenelle Evans. That girl has gotten herself into trouble more times than you'd think possible. Whether she's in jail, out of jail, on the street, or just tweeting away on Twitter, she always manages to find herself in the media for a negative reason.

Just how much trouble has she gotten herself into? Well, I've done a little research and you won't believe what I've found.

Take a look at her most scandalous moments ever!

I realized Jenelle was bad news after reading about her cat fight with another teenage girl. The reality star viciously beat the victim in the face until she was bleeding and unable to defend herself. Yikes!

And that wasn't the first time she found herself in a blowout caught on camera. Jenelle also had a huge verbal brawl with her mother in front of her baby, Jace. That fight showed us all that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ...

Aside from a bad temper, the Teen Mom also has a collection of mugshots that are a sight to be seen! Jenelle even somehow managed to get herself arrested twice in one week! It's a shame she doesn't look cuter in this jail uniform.

Most recently the troubled teen was making headlines for her new body -- "new boobies" to be specific. But at least she was finally in the news for a positive acceptable reason! And then it happened -- like clockwork -- her ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, released incredibly embarrassing photos of Jenelle completely naked after the surgery. Stitches and all!

Ugh. Poor Jenelle. I'm exhausted reading these stories -- I can't even imagine living them!

So tell me, do you think drama follows Jenelle, or does she chase it?

Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Cerpin Taxt

In my opinion, the problem is the fact that she hangs out with a lot of terrible people, and terrible people tend to being everyone down with them. I think if she would completely cut off all of her friends, take some time for herself, she can start over and make some friends from school with similar life goals, that would be better for her and her child.

Maria Tobias-Molina

her mom is annoying and a nag I think i would go crazy with someone like her too.... IDK I wish her the best but she does need to get it together and choose better friends. More positive people in her life not bums who think of nothing but how to get money for drugs and do stupid shit. Her little boy is a cutie and needs better role models in his life then her and her mom.

Christine Hochstetler

Jenelle needs to realize that she is not a teenager anymore.I don't understand why it is taking her so long to realize that. She has a beautiful baby and never thinks about him. if she would think about him she would be there with him and doing everything she can to make is life better. but no she would rather smoke pot go to jail and hang out with her looser of a boyfriend. I also think that her mom might have some of the blame to. she was really hard on Jenelle. She was only hard on her because she was being a horrible mother and daughter. If i was Jenelles mom i would of left and took Jace with and never let him see her again.

Jenni Kohl

Neither, she creates it and keeps it going.

nonmember avatar shell

Teen mom2 is ending too? Why is MTV ending them both??

nonmember avatar Reanna foo

Like really this girl has a son a for her to be going around and makeing her lsalf look bad iznt cute!!!Gorw the fuck up like on some real shit i think she should get her kid tookin away shes a bad mother

Spooky80 Spooky80

well to answer the question at the bottom of this article...."jenelle follows drama"

GregandLeigh Reep

I really hope she gets it together. She's not setting an example for her child at all! No, her mom doesn't help, but let's not make that her excuse. I was raised in a living hell and do not get myself into trouble like this, nor will I let my child. We can make our own choices and this is unfortunately what she chooses for herself (other than the photo leak). She really does do this to herself though. If she started acting her age, maybe she'd get somewhere. This is coming from a 21 year old female, so please think before you judge what I say.

Cynthia Latonya Blanchard-Senior

I know her mom is a nag and part blame but she wants what best for her. She only ask her to go to school and help with her child, maybe a job. And then help support her bust she choose to hangout with her loser boyfriend and smoke pot. She quit going to rehab, stole her mom credit card come on maybe she needs to stay in a commited rehab center where she can't get out.Or her mom needs to say you can't see this baby until you do something for yourself.But honestly I don't think she thinks about her baby at all this coming from a use to be teen mom who now is watching her kids graduate from high school next year.

nonmember avatar Bev

And she was bashing one of the other teen moms for having their nose and chin done. She really needs to get her priorities straight

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