9 Quotes the '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Needs to Sizzle

bondageNow that everybody has read their way through the entire Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (What? Not you? Congrats on being one of about five adults in America in that state), all anyone seems to want to talk about is the Fifty Shades movie. But let's set aside the debate over who is going to star for a moment (cough, Taylor Kitsch for Christian Grey, pretty please, pretty please!). Can we talk script?

Whoever gets the unenviable task for trying to turn E.L. James' naughty novels into a screenplay has a lot of fans to satisfy. And they won't succeed unless they actually figure out what it is people like about these bestsellers. Getting your head around all the various reasons is hard to quantify, so how about a start? How about the must have lines from Fifty Shades?

We've already heard all the cheesy lines they need to leave out. So now I'm talking the defining phrases that people have picked up and started using in the vernacular, pinning on Pinterest (check out The Stir's own 50 Shades pinboard and feel free to grab some of your own or pin the following!), and more or less feel that this movie cannot be without.

Which is your favorite? What did we miss?


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alisa... alisabethjaimes

... why is a slideshow necessary for QUOTES?? Absolutely ridiculous. I refuse to click through.

Terri Howard

can't leave out "F**k the paperwork!

nonmember avatar Brandy

Stow your twitchy palm!! Thud!!

Inna Torrenueva

I cannot for the life of me begin to imagine why this book was published, never mind become a best seller. To say this book was poorly written is like saying Bill Gates is comfortably off. The plot is unbelievable (21 year old virgin, ya ok), the dialogue is ridiculous, and the sex scenes are lukewarm at best. If I had to read that Christians eyes are grey one more time I would have snapped. You want good sex scenes, read a historical romance. At least the take place in a time when 21 year olds could actually be virgins. i have to say though, what bugged me the most was the use of her "inner goddess" versus her "subconscious" . Give the woman a dictionary..... subconscious......means bellow your level of conscientiousness, its a part of what motivates us, THAT WE ARE NOT AWARE OF!!!!!! I think she meant conscience, and you would think a publisher may have noticed.

Mom2A... Mom2Addison12

inna......it is possible to be a 21 year old virgin! rare, but i've met a few in my life time.

nonmember avatar kath duncan

I like all the captions its hard to choose a single one

Selina Jones

so many haters lol, i loved the books, i like the relationship between chritstian and ana,it made me laugh and i looked forward to reading them. writing a book is hard to do, maybe if you think you could do better then write your own and shut up......simple!!!!!!

Yandra Yandra

I like the books.  It got me to read and hate reading.  Maybe is be cause the books were written on a lays man language and it dosn't go off on a tingent about nothing.  Like most books that I have read and they loose me wright away.  50 shades kept me on my toes (interested) and for that I aplaud the writer.  I love the books and will read a sequel if it comes.  For those people that don't like it.  DON'T READ IT.  No one is putting a gun on your back telling you that you have to read this bood "or they will shoot. Get a grip let us enjoy our smut books.

Ashley Shifflett

I looovvee these books. I think it lets us imagine what we want. I hate it when people say they dislike the book. Half of these people never even read it and are just going off blogs, etc. If it is poorly written, who cares, lol I was not paying attention to the correct spelling of the words or grammatical errors, if you were reading this book and noticed a grammactical error, then you shouldn't have been reading the book in the first place. lol

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