'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kris Jenner Has No Business Meeting Up With Todd Waterman

Kris JennerForget Scott Disick out partying with Kim Kardashian while preggo Kourtney stayed home, the real drama on tonight's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was all about Kris Jenner. While taking a tennis lesson, she spotted her ex-boyfriend, Todd Waterman. This is the guy that she referred to as "Ryan" in her memoir -- yes, the one for whom she left Robert Kardashian and tore apart her entire family.

Instead of just gazing at him from afar, however, Jenner couldn't contain her emotions and ran to track him down, all perky and flirty. Seriously, that old flame lit her right up, and she was hot and bothered, and more. After their initial exchange of words, she "could tell" he wanted to talk more, so she waited for him outside. And that was just the start of her leading him on and encouraging him.


Clearly he was trying to stir up old feelings, from telling her he didn't want to let go when they first hugged to texting her with the old pet name he had for her: SNOOKA! While she did immediately tell Bruce Jenner about her run in with him, she definitely didn't tell him how much it had affected her, nor did she tell him she was pondering meeting up with him. And Bruce certainly wouldn't have been happy. When she told them of their initial encounter, he said:

The last time I talked to this guy was right after I met Kris. He was literally calling me out on the phone ready to fight me. Twenty years later, why would she even talk to him? She never should have done that.

Kim and Khloe were horrified that she'd even consider it. "Are you on crack?!" Kim asked her bluntly. "He already ruined your first marriage."

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"Why do you want to play with fire?" Khloe asked. "This is a chapter in your life that should be way closed."

That chapter obviously wasn't closed for her, and Jenner said as much. However, she said she's the only one who knows what's in her heart, and that her heart was telling her she needs to see him. The episode ended with Rob and Kim tailing her on what we are led to believe is her way to go see Todd. Previews for next week seem to back up the fact that Snooka and Todd met up as well.

If she did, there are so many things wrong with that meet-up even if they only talked, starting with the fact that she didn't tell Bruce ahead of time. Also, she can claim that she needs closure all she wants, but she had an entire book to get everything off her chest -- which he clearly read -- so there really should be nothing more to say. I'm sure it fed her ego to know he still wanted to meet up with her, but she should have never considered actually getting together with him.

If the whole romantic reunion (or implied reunion) is being done to drive ratings -- which I suspect it is -- then shame on her. Shame on her for dredging up such a painful incident that ripped her family apart and exploiting it. We'll see what really goes down next week I guess, but she's already played with too much fire and crossed too many lines here even if nothing else happens between her and Todd.

Do you think Kris Jenner meeting up with her ex, Todd Waterman, would be okay?

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