'50 Shades of Grey' Author May Not Be Done With Christian Grey Yet

e.l. james fifty shades of grey authorAfter voraciously reading E.L. James trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey fans have been left wanting more, wondering if we have no choice but to wait for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie to get our next Christian and Anastasia fix?! Probably not. Instead, it sounds like James is cooking up a follow-up scheme to keep fans engrossed and enthralled by the Greys until the flick premieres in theaters. And if you made it to the end of Fifty Shades Freed, you can probably guess exactly what James has in mind ...

Yes, that would be the triology re-written from Christian's perspective! The New York Daily News reports that, "A source close to the British author ... tells us that the self-made fiction phenom is considering rewriting the best-selling trilogy ... from the perspective of the novels' riding-crop-wielding billionaire, Christian Grey." Hot!

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If you made it to the end of Freed, you know that James included a re-telling of Christian and Ana's first meeting from his POV. I personally found it fascinating to see the series of events "through his eyes," especially because when you're coming at the story from Ana's perspective, he rarely gives anything away (particularly in the first book). Ana's often playing a guessing game about his thoughts and mood and motives, and sometimes we get Christian's take, but not always.

But if James were to give us the whole story, all over again, from Grey's perspective ... well, we'd finally have some insight into much of what Ana was clueless about! It might also be equally sexy to see what a Dom's perspective is when he's "taking" a woman. Like how hot would it be to re-read the elevator scenes from his perspective? How romantic might it be to get the backstory on how he decided to send Ana the first editions of Tess of the D’Urbervilles?

Yeah, I'm all for this idea, and I'm sure many other women will be onboard. Not sure if men are going to be able to get into it just because it's re-told from a male perspective. I'd bet Christian -- and the love story in general -- will still be written with a female audience in mind. But if you're a lady who fell for Fifty, there's nothing wrong with that!

Would you want to read the series re-told from Christian's perspective? What scene are you dying to read from his viewpoint?


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cecil... cecillesmommy

I would totally reread it from christians perspective !

Melissa Leger

at the end of the book i was like i hope she redoes them all from his POV...i would love to read that

nonmember avatar Micheleq

Oh I can hardly wait for more especially from Mr. Grey's point of view!

alyss... alyssamikey

I would love to read what was going through his mind when he has a bit of a break down and reverts to submissive behavior during a disagreement with Ana.

nonmember avatar mariel

Yes, Yes, Yes, I am willing her from afar to write this, it would just be amazing from his side, and I think a good scene when he tells her he loves her for the first time

nonmember avatar Danee

She already wrote two long Edward/Christian POV's for charity that were releases when it was still online. They are both freaking fantastic. The best chapters of the entire series. Especially the chapter when Ana is blackmailed and Christian is freaking about the baby….best chapter of the series. I've been bugging Icy (Erika to you all) to release them…this must be what she meant with her cryptic answer.

Kathy A O'Neill-Ritondo

Particularly striking was Christian as a toddler. I thought that she might be thinking of a prequel from his point of view, but all three books might be a bit much.

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