'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Doesn't Want to Be a Screw-Up Reality Star

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham had a rocky start on Teen Mom. The single mom of little Sophia was mourning the loss of her childhood and boyfriend both, and at constant odds with mom Debra. But with the fourth and final season of the MTV reality show on tap, the freshly-minted 21-year-old has righted the ship. She's grown up and grown wise.

And when The Stir caught up with the girl from Iowa, Farrah had plenty to say about the distance she's putting between herself and her past, not to mention her Teen Mom co-stars. Working on a restaurant and getting her tomato sauce into grocery stores, she doesn't want to be painted with the same brush as some of the other reality stars.

Talking frankly about troubled co-star Amber Portwood and the public's perception of her parenting, there's one thing about Farrah that remains unchanged from that caustic kid on 16 & Pregnant: this is a girl who speaks her mind.  


On her relationship with the other teen moms:

The other girls and I on the show have a relationship because we've gone through a common experience such as Teen Mom together for about four years. It's good to come together, this is like our reunion class of Teen Mom if you will. But we all lead different lives. We live in different states, cities, and you know we keep our lives separate, and we come together for Teen Mom.

On Amber Portwood:

I'm sincerely sad to see her separated from her daughter and some of the things that she has chosen to do. I'm very sad about that, but it's also I have no part in her life. I have no part in her decisions or choices that she makes. I just hope the best for her and her daughter.

On distinguishing herself from the pack of Teen Moms:

I feel that people should look at us separately, and the majority of people do, for who we are, what we've accomplished, what we're doing for our children. I just want to make sure that others know that I'm very hard-working, and I try to make the best decisions as a mom, as a parent, and for whatever age group that I'm actually in -- which is 21 now -- I'm very responsible. I don't want to be drunk driving. I don't want to be getting tattoos all over my body. I don't need to be the center of attention and acting out in a bad way.

Moving forward beyond Teen Mom, I want people to know I'm trying to be a positive role model not just for my daughter but for everyone who watches and learns from myself.

I cannot speak for the other girls' actions, and I like to be separate from that.

On what Sophia thinks of Teen Mom:

She loves it. She hears the music when it comes on, she's like oh, that's my mom, she recognizes Bentley and the other girls and the other babies. I'm very happy that I can watch TV with my daughter because this is the reason that we are on TV, to tell our story.

On dealing with the public:

I've had a couple instances where I felt like the paparazzi or just the public in general have tried to make an unsafe situation when my daughter was around. I try to drive away, get away from it, or I try to walk away, get away from someone trying to purposely fight or argue in front of my daughter ... I do not like that part of being in the public eye. I see that so many people are out there saying you look like a bad mom and put my daughter in harmful situations and that truly offends me and makes me really sad.

On growing up:

I hear people still watching the other seasons, especially because there's been a Teen Mom marathon going on because of our new season. I hear a feedback of Farrah's so immature and all these things, and I'm just like wow, you guys really need to understand, I am a way different person than when I first started. I'm just happy. All those negative comments don't even affect me. I am a way different person. I am the mom I wanted to be, I exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier.

I think when you become a parent, you need to be an adult, so I understand why they're judging me as an adult because we should be. We have others to take care of, bigger responsibilities. I want to be an adult for my daughter. I want to be everything that she needs financially, responsibly, you know, just making sure that all of our bases are covered.

On the future:  

My culinary dreams are coming true, and I'm so happy my family is helping and supportive of that!

What do you think of all that has changed for Farrah in the four years she has spent on Teen Mom?


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