If You Love '50 Shades of Grey,' Check Out These 16 Other Sexy Reads

Ericka Sóuter | Jun 11, 2012 Celebrities

If our readers are like most women, Fifty Shades of Grey has left them breathless, desperate ... and wanting more. Sadly, with just three books in the series, our time with Christian Grey must come to an end (at least until the films have all come out). But don't fret. There are plenty of other super erotic reads to whet the appetite. None of them will be Christian and Anastasia -- but they might just come close.

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For a lot of folks, steamy romance novels have a bad connotation -- some (we'll say it, judgmental) people think they aren't high-quality literature. Well, to heck with those people, we say. Steamy, sexy novels are a healthy and fun way to play with fantasy -- which is probably why we can't get enough of 50 Shades, TBH. And we want more! We searched far and wide for the steamiest erotic novels that will scratch that 50 Shades itch. Looking for a way to steam up couples time too? Well, share this with a partner -- or just keep the fantasy alive solo. 

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Here's a list of the 16 most tantalizing post-Grey options.

What other sexy novels would you recommend?


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