Madonna Flashes Her Boob & the World Cringes (VIDEO)

MadonnaIf it had just been a nip slip, that would have been one unfortunate thing, but last week at a concert in Istanbul, Madonna flashed the crowd her nipple. To say it was awkward is an understatement; to say it was a cringe-worthy, pathetic attempt to stir up some attention is right on the money.

There she was performing her 1990s hit "Human Nature," when she started toying with the crowd striptease-style. She started tugging at her bra strap, then she pulled the cup of her bra top down and exposed her entire right breast to 55,000 people. Check out the NSFW footage after the jump.


Tell me you didn't cringe. Hard.

Madonna is one of my idols, and I truly hate to criticize her, but this is such an obvious and desperate ploy for publicity. Even sadder is the fact it has barely gotten her any attention. This happened Thursday, and it’s just now trickling into headlines today.

The overwhelming reaction is just embarrassment for the singer. Piers Morgan Tweeted earlier today: "Most embarrassing, cringe-worthy, desperate moment in the history of music?" While there have certainly been worse, it is pretty bad.

It’s not just about her age either. At 53 the singer is sexier than hell, and I don't think she should have to hide that. But she’s better than this. I want her to act like the Queen of Pop she is, not some desperate singer who needs attention like this. She’s Madonna, and she’s earned her place. She’s still an amazing performer, and that’s enough. This was way too much.

What did you think of Madonna’s performance?

Image via YouTube

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