Angelina Jolie & '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Are a Match Made in Mommy Porn Heaven

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angelina jolieSounds like Hollywood can't get Fifty Shades of Grey to the big screen soon enough. In addition to all the speculation about who will play leads Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, tongues are wagging about who will direct the movie. Apparently, someone who is likely very familiar with being both a mommy and porn is interested ... Rumor has it her Royal Hotness Angelina Jolie might be in talks with Universal Pictures to direct the first film! The studio denies any meetings, but they also said they'd be "absolutely interested" in Jolie's involvement if she wanted to be connected to the project, since they loved her recent directorial debut In the Land of Blood & Honey. Pfffft! Like that's the real reason they'd want to see her helm the flick.

Besides the fact that her name would lend MASSIVE cred and star power to the project, her steamy personal life alone makes her an awesome choice.

We're talking about the woman who has admittedly had an ongoing love affair with the dark side (she did wear her ex-husband's blood around her neck), embraced bisexuality, kissed her brother, effed Billy Bob in the car before the Oscars, and spoken openly about Brad's "real manhood" and loving pregnant sex. And above all that, it's very likely that she's into being a Dom herself (a la Christian and his cougar ex, Elena Lincoln).

And yet, she's also a Supermom to her and Brad's ever-growing brood of babes. In other words, she's exactly the right woman to take the series to the big screen. Universal and fans of the series should be so lucky to have her behind the camera.

That said, if she does sign on, she could still stand to do some "prep" work for the gig. Reading all three books is a must (whether E.L. James' writing drives you insane or not, you can't fully understand the Ana-Christian relationship until you've finished Fifty Shades Freed), sitting through the whole Twilight franchise (which inspired the books), and finally, hiring a babysitter to watch the kiddos while she and Brad helicopter it up to Seattle to indulge in some Grey-style "kinky f**ckery." Piece of cake!

Sure, directing Fifty will be a demanding, "dirty" job, but if anyone is up for it, it's obviously Angelina.

If Angelina Jolie signs on to direct, would that make you more eager for the flick?


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-Stra... -Strawberry-

I love Angelina, but she would not be right for the part. She's too dominant, I can't see her playing a submissivve part.

Elizabeth Gronewald

Strawberry, it clearly says she would be directing.

missy... missybest

Great!  Who cares?  Except her kids!  I am sure they will be very proud of mama, one day!  NOT!  But, then I am one of those "old foggy" idea people who think kids should have some wholesomeness presented to them by their parents.

depro... deprogrammed

Why would I think her involvement, in any capacity, would make this a great film?  She hasn't had any success film-wise in a very long time.

nonmember avatar KathyT.

OMG, she'd be perfect as Elena Lincoln!

lifeh... lifehappy

I'm not a huge Angelina fan, but I do think she'd be PERFECT to direct; she has a natural eye for sensuality and XXX, lol. I could also see her as Elena.

Anoth... AnotherKim

She got HUGE cudos for directing In A Time Of Love And War. I think she'll do a great job.

Kristy Honeycutt Brennan

I agree about her playing Mrs.Robinson...Going to start Darker tomorrow.

Dalla... DallasGirl214

Yes to Elena Robinson. No to directing.

Melan... Melanie420

I dont like her at all and dont see her appeal

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