5 Celebrities Who Like to Show a Lot of Boob (PHOTOS)

miley cyrusThey say if you've got it, flaunt it, and there are plenty of Hollywood hotties that abide by this rule, especially when it comes to their boobs. There's no leaving a little to the imagination for these bold babes, unless you're imagining how the slightest movement just might make them the latest nip slip victim.

Whether it's side boob, copious amounts of cleavage, or all of it, there are some girls who just love to share their girls with the world. Not that the world is complaining in most cases. Here are five celebrities who really like to show off their breasts.

Which celebrity boobs do you feel like are always in your face?


Image via Splash

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butte... butterflyfreak

Just stop with the stupid slide shows already!

xreds... xredstarsx

Well if I looked like Scarlett Johansen I would probably walk around naked. So more power to her.

zeesmuse zeesmuse

Honesty, i could care less. Even Rome fell...


But I think Kristen is trying to find her cleavage and it's just not there....

nonmember avatar Nena

Seriously? You included Kristen Stewart and left out Jennifer Lopez? And Rhianna?

alexs... alexsmomma06

Kristin Stewart- I see no cleavage or boob anywhere in that photo....

Anoth... AnotherKim

Kristen Stewart? LMAO! What boobs?

missy... missybest

I apologize, but I am so sick of seeing Kim Kardashian!  What is with that family?  None of them DO anything!  Bad enough that we celebritize all these people, but the Kardashians?

Mille... Millertime77

I breastfeed my son-and you know what, these celebs show way more boob than I ever do when I'm feeding my child!  And people have a problem with mother's breastfeeding in public.  Really?  ARGH!! So sick and tired of Hollywood/celebrities! BOOBS were created to feed our children! Not show off as a spectacle in public!  Remember the old saying, "less is more"-well how about we go back to that?  Leave something to the imagination! P.S. you left out the biggest (no pun intended) offender-J Lo!

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