MTV Star Rob Dyrdek Deserves a Huge Apology for Being Painted as a Pedophile (VIDEO)

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Rob Dyrdek

MTV hottie Rob Dyrdek is a lot of things besides just a professional skateboarder -- but a pedophile is most definitely not one of them. Yes -- I said a pedophile. Because that's exactly what comedian Daniel Tosh has insinuated he is after doing a sketch on Tosh.0 where he turned Rob's "Fantasy Factory" into a "Childish Dream Factory for Young Boys Only." In the clip there are a bunch of shirtless 12-year-old boys cruising around on scooters, and Rob is seen serving booze to a minor. (What the heck? That's just wrong.)

And if you are as big a Rob Dyrdek fan as I am, then you're probably having about the same reaction to the spoof as I did -- scratching your head and trying to refrain from shouting from the rooftops that Rob is one of the most stand-up dudes EVER and would never do anything to harm a child. (And you're probably wanting to kick Daniel's a** too.)

Rob, of course, is extremely fired up over Daniel's sketch (which isn't even remotely funny), and apparently he's ready to duke it out with him in person via a good old fashioned fight. He took to his Twitter account (OMG how am I not following him yet?) to voice his frustrations and said: "The idea of having beef with @danieltosh is truly embarrassing ... for real ... imagine that 'clip show host' beef ... but now that beef is very real." He went on to say, "I am not a comedian or an actor so unfortunately for @danieltosh we are going to have to settle this the old fashion way."

And if he and Daniel do wind up getting into any sort of a brawl, I wouldn't mind taking a few swings at Tosh too. I've watched all of Rob's shows ever since Rob & Big started, and I've never seen him do anything close to shady, nor have I seen him act with any sort of ill intentions. He's entertaining, hysterical, and has truly mastered the art of "livin' the dream."

Ok -- confession time. Some may consider it to be a major parenting fail -- but I've let my 6-year-old watch Fantasy Factory & Ridiculousness on more than one occasion. In fact, over Memorial Day Weekend, he and my husband and I chilled out in the hotel room watching the Rob Dyrdek marathon every night before bed -- and all three of us laughed our butts off.

And even though there is some foul language (that is beeped out) on the show, I've never really worried about letting my son see what takes place on each episode. Everything Rob does is all in good fun, and I seriously doubt I've done any permanent damage to my little guy's psyche by letting him watch.

Rob has every right to be beyond pissed at Daniel Tosh -- who most definitely owes him a huge apology.

(I've got your back, Rob. Call me, maybe?)

You can hear more about what happened between them in the video clip below.

Do you think Daniel Tosh was out of line?


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nonmember avatar Chris

This article is a joke, you are way too biased. Write about what happened and let the reader decide which side they choose to take.

Stacey. Stacey.

I love Tosh he's crude and offensive and in this overly PC country I find it refreshingly funny. Rob is not funny and should stop trying.

alisa... alisabethjaimes

I've never heard of Rob but by his response he does not sound like a fun guy. He gets made fun of by a comedian who is known for being extremely crude and his response is to challenge him to a fight? That's high school stuff. He has every right to be offended by it but his response is extremely immature.

Smerk... Smerkalot

I like Rob.. but I watched the show last night and while I didn't find it to be very funny, I think you're taking this wayyyy too seriously, as is Rob.  Get over it.  That's Daniel Tosh's sense of humor.  Maybe he shouldn't have modeled Redic. to be a watered-down version of Tosh.0, and he wouldn't have went after him.  Just sayin!

CPN322 CPN322

I do think he was out of line. I pretty much agree with everything you said. 

alisabethjaimes - it is one thing to be made fun of, but to be made to look like a pedophile....I don't think anyone would laugh that off. I do agree, though, that his response was immature but I don't blame him for it either.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I do think the skit went a little to far, but I can't stand Rob. I think he is annoying and not funny at all and tries to hard. I do like Daniel Tosh though and think he is freaking hilarious.

Celia... Celiacelia

Are you guys forgetting how mad tv made fun of Michael Jackson in nearly every episode? You're taking this way too seriously it was an overly crude sketch. Rob can sit and laugh while dudes get their balls crushed on YouTube videos and submissions but no one can make fun of it? People insinuate things that aren't true all the time on these kind of skits but no need to try to fight someone over it.

Torra... TorranceMom

Insinuating that someone is a pedophile isn't even remotely funny - that's the stuff that ruins people's lives. Daniel should have come at Rob from another angle. How about a good old fashioned short joke?

babyb... babybirch

I think everyone should expect this kind of humor from Daniel Tosh by now, it's what got him famous in the first place.

nonmember avatar Lexi Jordan


Excellent post, I agree with you.People take stuff WAY to seriously...have the people complaining seen Tosh.0? everyone knows he is beyond crude and it is hilarious, sometimes awkward and always offensive. But no one actually believes anything he says, including Tosh! It's all fun and games, yes at the expense of others but it's not like Rob is going to be criminally investigated now! Rob- let it go, everyone 'famous' gets made fun of once in awhile..laugh it off and thank Tosh for keeping you relevant!

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