Miley Cyrus Must Be Pregnant If She's Engaged, Right?

miley cyrus and liam hemsworthDid you hear the latest in the Miley Cyrus media circus? No? Alright well since you're in the dark, let me tell you, this latest gossip is JUICY! We all know that Miley is engaged to hunky superstar Liam Hemsworth and all I have to say is, mmm, good choice, girlfriend. But that isn't the only thing Miley's been up to this week. Oh no, Miley has been BUSY.

So before I spill the beans ... how's that saying go? First comes love, then comes ... umm, marriage? Prenup? TV special? Oh no, then comes baby! Told you this one was good! Rumors are swiiiiiirling this week that after Liam put a Neil Lane ring on it, something went bump, bump in the night and BOOM! Miley is a whopping five days pregnant.

Come on, Hollywood! The girl just got engaged like three minutes ago and you wanna pin a pregnancy on her already?

Well here's the low down according to Weekly World News: marriage whisperer Kim Kardashian has already agreed to be a bridesmaid in the whole affair; Miley is having a girl (yes, after five days of pregnancy, it's confirmed); and Britney Spears will be the midwife to the baby birthing event ... whenever that is.

Uh ... did they pick out of a hat to see how ridiculous things could get? Like, "Oh! Britney hasn't done anything crazy in awhile so she can be in charge of pulling the baby out! And, uh, Kim, the papo's are never too far from her so let's make her a bridesmaid then she and Miley can fight about what color they should wear and when it gets to be too much Miley can kick her out! Yeah! That's a great story! And oh, O-M-G! Let's work Kris Jenner into this somehow. Godmother? Great!" What's next, a Baby Makes Three: Miley & Liam TV special?

I mean reaalllyyyyyy guys, this is stretching the limits like never before. Sure, I love a good scandal as much as the next person but this rumor mill is really out of whack these days. Is it even possible to know you're pregnant after five days? Where did y'all come up with this stuff!?

I have to laugh at this whole entire spectacle of gossipy ridiculousness. Good job, Hollywood. This seriously incredible and long-winded Miley rumor is truly one for the books!

Can you believe how ridiculous this rumor is? Or do you truly think Miley got engaged because she is secretly pregnant?


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three... threeforme157

I must admit that when I first heard news of the engagement pregnancy immediatly entered my mind.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Considering five days pregnant is about nine days before conception I'm assuming this story had even less fact checking than usual. The WWN usually goes for the vaguely believable if you have the worlds most open mind, not the obviously impossible.

Freela Freela

LOL! I think people just think this when you get engaged/married young.  I got engaged at 18 and married at 20 and SO many people asked, repeatedly, if I was pregnant.  We had our first child when I was 24, so I must have been pregnant for a LOOONG time!

Torra... TorranceMom

I hope she isn't. It certainly would be refreshing to see a Hollywood couple get married BEFORE having kids.

nonmember avatar Megan

That's always the assumption if you marry young (or marry quickly).
When my best friend proposed and we planned an immediate wedding (friends for years, dating for 6 months) pregnancy was what everyone assumed, and it was the rumor. Really we just knew this was it and both wanted to wait to knock boots till marriage...did not want to wait long! ;)

nonmember avatar Talor

I always imagined Miley Cyrus being pregnant and being engaged it was sorta weird.

dreamsky dreamsky

Well, we'll find out soon enough.

Roxsa... Roxsanna35

I say Congrats and if she is pregnant it isn't anybody's damn business. They make the cutest couple and would have gorgeous babies

nonmember avatar annie

it could be true that she is. but it also could be a lie. natalie portman and her guy did this but who knows i wont believe it unless miley says so

help4... help4newmoms

Miley and her fiancé have been dating for 3 years, right? Maybe they are waiting...and after three years they are ready to consummate their relationship so they don't have to wait anymore...hey, it is possible. I think that would be terrific! Ala the opposite of being pregnant!

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