Kim's Naughty Moves Are the Highlight of New Kardashian Home Video (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian sex tapeIn awkward and extremely inappropriate news for today, we have the latest Kardashian home video, which they shot while on a lovely vacation in the Domincan Republic. And just like everything else this family does, this video is pretty over the top ... to say the least.

Okay, I'm not going to lie to you. This video is borderline X-rated. Just get your kids out of the room and close your curtains. You really just have to see this for yourself.

But remember, I warned you.


I'm sorry I made you watch that. You might need a minute or so to re-group. I'll wait ...

Okay, are we all recovered now? Great. Let's go over the basics. Yes, Scott Disick is wearing a purple turban. Yes, you did just watch Kim bump and grind her butt in the water repeatedly. And yes, I think we can all safely assume she is over that whole sex tape backlash from back in the day, because from the looks of this video, she's ready for part deux.

It's no secret they're not the most conservative family in the world, but really? I know my home videos don't include me rapping about bitches and hoes. Here Mom, hold the camera while I pop, lock, and drop it.

Let's journey back, shall we? This isn't the first video the K-clan has made for our viewing pleasure. Their first lip-synching debut was to Katy Perry's "E.T." where Mason Disick stole the show and made the whole video downright adorable. But that was also over a year ago. I think they might be pulling out all the stops to get back in the game.

Dare I say this video is a little ... attention hungry? We get it, you all have insane genetics and your entire family is incredibly good-looking. But the thought of you all gathering on the living room couch to watch this together is just ... disturbing.

Guess that's why we're broke and they're so famous.

Do you think this music video is inappropriate?

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