Bachelor Roberto Martinez Has No Business Being 'The Bachelor'

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Roberto Martinez

Yesterday when reports surfaced claiming Roberto Martinez had been cast as the next Bachelor, I really had mixed feelings about the whole deal. On the one hand, he's extremely good looking and so adorable -- and he was such a huge hit on Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette. I guess it would be kind of fun to watch him have his turn in the driver's seat and woo 25 ladies instead of just one. But then again, he's already had his chance at finding love on TV, and he did get his happy ending with Ali (even though it ended after a couple years).

I still hadn't made my mind up this morning on whether or not Roberto was the right choice -- and then Us Weekly reported that the story is false, and that he has "no interest" in being The Bachelor. And after hearing that, I knew exactly what my take was on him being cast.

I was relieved -- because it means there's still a fraction hope that producers will go back to the drawing board and start the show over from scratch with a man no one has heard of before.

Remember how exciting and fun the show was back when it originally aired? Granted, Alex Michel was kind of a disaster, but the show itself was so much better. Contestants actually signed up in the hopes of finding lasting love -- not because they were trying to become rich or famous, or a combination of the two. 

And along with wanting to find love, there was so much less competition and strategy going on between the women vying for The Bachelor's affections. Instead of playing a game, they were truly searching for a lifelong connection.

At this point, the shows are really getting quite predictable and somewhat boring, because men and women are coming into night one thinking they already know everything there is to know about The Bachelor or Bachelorette.

But I guess since the show has been on for so many seasons, it's kind of impossible to eliminate the possibility of people applying for reasons other than falling in love and getting married. But if producers decided to cast an unknown, there would be a much better chance of women & men coming on the show for the right reasons -- not because they "fell in love" with The Bachelor or Bachelorette while watching a prior season.

For the sake of our viewing pleasure, let's hope that Roberto Martinez's name is off the table for good as far as being the next Bachelor goes. He's a great guy and all, but we've really had more of his dimples than we can handle.

Who do you think should be cast as the next Bachelor? Should it be someone new, or a guy from a past season?

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lalas... lalasmama2007

I would much rather see someone new.

Anna Kiger Baldwin

They really need to get some new people on here!! This giving all these ones that have been on here before is getting old!!! Please get some NEW people not people that have already been on here!!!

Kelly Ciesla

As much as I agree with casting someone new, I like the idea of recasting a previous contestant. I like that I already know who the bachelor/ette is and it devotes my attention to the new contestants.

However if they were considering casting someone new, it would be interesting to see the dynamic of the show with not only a new bachelor/ette but new contestants as well. It could really go either way.

Shahed Chrissy Kamali

I have ALWAYS been a fan of casting somebody New, UNTIL this season, where I find myself not getting enough of Arie, and I PRAY that if Emily doesn't/didn't pick him, that HE will be the new bachelor. Then they can start putting a new cast on. AFTER we see more of Arie.  

Lainie Gutterman

I am in complete agreement.  He had his chance.  What are the odds of finding true love once, let alone twice on a reality TV show?  Even Chris Harrison wants fresh faces.  We desperately need some new blood! 

nonmember avatar Mel

He still makes me melt! That smile is killer!


No such thing as too much Dimples! You shut your dirty mouth! lol ;)


Trish Fowble

I think Chris,from Cape Cod should be the next Bacelor he is adorable.

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