6 Best Christian Grey Picks for '50 Shades of Grey' Movie (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | Jun 7, 2012 Movies
6 Best Christian Grey Picks for '50 Shades of Grey' Movie (PHOTOS)

50 Shades of Grey style bondageIf casting the woman who will play Anastasia Steele in the movie version of the sexy bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey series is going to be tough, imagine what it will be like to cast the man himself. Women are talking like Christian Grey is their one and only fantasy. Put the wrong actor in his red room of pain, and the film itself could be painful to watch.

But if the part of the sexy billionaire with a naughty taste for bondage goes to any one of the actors whose names are swirling around Hollywood right now, the box office will be on fire. Ironic considering the number of ice cold vampires on the list!

Here are 6 actors whose names have been linked to the Christian Grey role so far.

Who do you think would make the best Christian Grey?


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  • Taylor Kitsch


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    Taylor Kitsch hasn't had much success since Friday Night Lights went off the air, and John Carter was an absolute flop. All the more reason for him to throw on a pair of jeans and a certain tie and take over as head of the Grey holdings. Kitsch seems game: joking around with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush last month, the hard-bodied hottie said his Battleship co-star Brooklyn Decker was reading it, and he might as well throw his name in.

    Sorry Christian Grey, but the Tim Riggins fantasies never die ... Texas forever y'all.

  • Alexander Skarsgard


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    Christian Grey is cold as ice until Ana warms him up, and Alexander Skarsgard already has got that cold-hearted vampire thing down pat. Oh, and he knows he it. Asked if he'd pick up the whips and chains, ASkars wanted to know where he could sign. Now that's how a dominant gets this done.

  • Chris Pine


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    He may not be as well known as some of the other hotties with their names in the ring, but as soon as Chris' new flick about effed up families, People Like Us, opens this summer, that is going to change. I got a sneak peek of the film, and Chris shows he's not just a pretty face. He can handle the wrenching pain of working through some of the worst your family can dish out.

    Sounds like another conflicted character, doesn't it? Good news: Chris says Fifty Shades sounds like an "interesting" project.

  • Ian Somerhalder


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    Another vampire who's thrown his name in the ring? The one and only Ian Somerhalder, aka Damon from the Vampire Diaries. Seems seducing younger women on the CW has given him plenty of practice at steaming up the screen, and Ian thinks he's the right man to tie up Ana Steele.

  • Chris Hemsworth


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    Just because he's a new dad doesn't mean Chris Hemsworth has lost any of that heat. One of the super men who made up the super box office busting Avengers, he's made it pretty clear he'll lay down his Thor hammer and pick up a whip to play Christian Grey. All you have to do is call!

  • Robert Pattinson


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    Since we've gone into vampire territory, we'd be remiss if we didn't throw Robert's name out ... especially considering Fifty Shades does owe its roots to Twilight fan fiction. But would RPattz actually play Grey? Well, he says he won't be busy starring in the Hunger Games sequel, so there's space in his schedule ...

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