Amanda Bynes' DUI Problem Goes Straight to the President -- Thanks to Amanda Bynes

amanda bynesThe country still has a long way to go. We're climbing out of a recession. Unemployment is still high and housing prices still low. There's a bunch of people in a bunch of countries who killing each other. President Obama has his hands full. But that doesn't mean he can't pay attention to some of the overriding and hugely important issues of our day. And by that I mean Amanda Bynes' arrest for DUI. Why are you laughing? Amanda has tweeted Obama, asking him to deal with her DUI. Think I'm kidding?


On Tuesday, Amanda was charged with driving under the influence, stemming from an arrest in April. Amanda had crashed her BMW into a police car -- a police car! So the cop tried to give her a Breathalyzer and she refused. So he arrested her. And this is all so woefully unfair that Amanda has appealed to the White House to have the cop fired. She tweeted:



Obama responded:

Dearest Amanda, I'm currently working with our military to track down Osama Bin Laden's number three man (since, you know, we took care of him and number two), HOWEVER, I'm going forget about that in order to get on your DUI straight away!!!

At least, this is what Obama said in Amanda's mind. It's too bad that Amanda supposedly doesn't drink, because then she could blame this idiotic and whiny tweet on being drunk.

It does make you wonder why she thought the president would care about this. Does she have something on him? Maybe a picture of him sneaking a cigarette on the South Lawn? Or could she really just be this entitled and self-centered? I'm gonna go with the latter. Anyway, excuse me for a moment. I was a little short of hot water in the shower this morning and need Obama to take care of it!

Have you ever tried tweeting the president to get him to take care of a personal issue?

Image via digitalshay/ Flickr

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