'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Maynard's Shocking Secret Means She Will Stay Single

The Bachelorette has officially done what I thought no Bachelor season could ever do. I really like a contestant. Kill me now. Honestly, Emily Maynard is really, really likable. She is NORMAL and honest and funny and sweet and (dare I say it) sincere! So WHY is she on this show where all these bozos compete for her?

The shocking secret of Emily's season is that she rocks. She really does. No editing. No fancy footwork. She is simply a sincere, beautiful woman whose heart is in the right place. So why is she on this idiotic show with these awful guys?

Between Ryan and Doug and all the whining, it's hard to know which man is worse. Oh no. Wait, I know. Ryan. Could he be worse?

He is such a sleazy fool. He is completely self-important, obsessed with himself, and thinks he is much deeper and smarter than he is.

Maybe the best line from him was this: "God designed you to be a beautiful woman, so be a beautiful woman."

Puke. Puke. Puke. Then there was Jef. Sweet, maybe. But oversensitive and slightly annoying. And he's the best. God help her.

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Emily is the first contestant in a long, long time I could actually see being friends with and she deserves a better crop of guys. I can't even remember the last time a woman on this show actually had guys worth dating.

Jillian and Ashley had two of the worst batches of guys, but these dudes take the cake. It makes no sense, either. Emily has so many facets, it seems. She is so much more than a pretty face, but all the guys care about is how hot she is.

What I love about Emily is her honesty, her ability to see through the crap, and her willingness to call the guys out. I can see why Brad Womack picked her.

Monday night she sent Michael and Charlie home. It was a good call (though sending them all home would be a better one), but here is the question of the year: HOW and WHY is this woman still single? She is way too good for this show.

Why do you think Emily is single?


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Pamela Schreffler Mauser

Maybe she ends up with Chris Harrison??? Afterall, he is recently single....

cmjaz cmjaz

I wouldn't trust the producers of this show to find a good family for a dog, much less a decent man for a single girl.

Zoie Grossnickle

I'm sorry but this article is so stupid! There's still Arie, Jef, DOug, and Sean some perfectly normal guys. They're not the worst batch of guys. So whoever wrote this, you need to check yourselves.

Melis... Melissa042807

Please. She did the show for the money. Plain and simple. Knowing the Bachelor and Bachelorette's track record I sure as heck wouldn't go that direction to look for love. 

Caren Zabel Nelson

It is so hard for me to watch this season. I have really liked her from THE moment she introduced herself to Brad and I feel like their "chemistry" or "connection" was palpable and none of these guys will even come CLOSE to Brad. She complained that being with Brad after and all of the rumors and publicity was what killed the romance, so what is going to be different when this is over?? She left the best guy behind and what they gave her to work with is awful at best!

nonmember avatar Lauren

I agree that Emily IS the greatest bachelorette of all time, and that normally the guys on the show aren't the greatest... But I also feel like she would make a wonderful match with Arie! Sean is a darling also. But from the moment she and Arie set off on their date, I felt like they belonged together!!

Rosemary Ochs

Emily has spoiled Rickie rotten and no man will be good enuf to be a step father. He won't be able to punish her. Emily is set in her ways and is also spoiled rotten getting everything she wants, so i don't think she will find love until she herself changes and stop letting Rickie get everything she wants. Both r spoiled.

Elaine Cox

she actually believes this....of course she falls to mention that the woman is on national tv pretty much pimping herself out and bringing strange guys around her kid for fame and fortune but hey lets ignore that

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Shes still single because shes not going to settle for a bozo. I love her no nonsense attitude and her honesty.

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