'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Will Be Worth the Wait & Here's Why

Game of ThronesHard to believe that season 2 of Game of Thrones has wrapped up and now we're all waiting with bated breath for season 3. Reports say that season 3 will likely begin at some point in February 2013. If you ask me, that's way too long to wait! 

And I'm so excited -- I just got through A Storm of Swords. I can see why this has long been a fan favorite because I simply couldn't put it down. Since the plot is so jam-packed, the third season may even be split up into two parts. I say the more attention they can pay to this story, the better! EW has also come out with new characters for season 3, and here are five things I'm looking forward to seeing most. 

Warning: There are CRAZY, MASSIVE spoilers about the third book ahead. Okay?! You've been warned! Don't say I didn't warn you.


1.) The Red Wedding

Anyone who's read the third book is probably looking forward to this scene the most. This is what I love most about these books -- Robb and Catelyn Starks' decisions all the way back in the first book ultimately led to their violent end. Robb broke an alliance with the Freys by hastily marrying another woman. The Freys paid them back by slaughtering Catelyn and Robb and his men when the Starks tried to make amends at a wedding between Catelyn's brother and a Frey daughter. I can't imagine how non-readers will react as they watch two beloved characters get taken out in one scene!

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2.) More Zombies & Samwell

We'll finally get to see the key to taking down the Others, or White Walkers -- and Samwell, who's a self-admitted fat coward, finds courage he never knew he has. This game of thrones may soon seem mighty trivial as the zombie army attacks the Night's Watch. But I love any time Sam is on my screen, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him! 

3.) Jaime & Brienne

How can you not love these dysfunctional two. And I do wonder if they'll actually go through with slicing off Jaime's sword hand. I'm kind of thinking ... how could they not? It is such a pivotal moment for this character. I just wonder how they're going to go about giving him one hand for the rest of the season! But the way his and Brienne's strange relationship blossoms was really fun to read -- they're the perfect odd couple.

4.) The Unsullied

I had a lot of fun picturing Daenerys taking command of the Unsullied in my head while reading the book. I can't wait to see what HBO comes up with to show this regimented slave army that feels no pain (and I'm looking forward to the key scene when Daenerys tricks their owner with her dragons to win them!). 

5.) Tyrion & Sansa

What a long chain of events to get these two together as a married couple. Yes, even though Sansa believed she was free from Joffrey, the Lannisters yet again manipulate both her and Tyrion by marrying them and securing Tyrion's son as the heir to Winterfell. Though I'd take Tyrion over Joffrey any day, wouldn't you? I think it'll be great to see these two fantastic, beloved actors take on the awkwardness of being newlyweds and perhaps give us some unexpected, brilliant moments.

What are you most forward to seeing in season 3 of Game of Thrones? Did you like the second season?


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