5 Hot Celeb Moms in Super-Skimpy Bikinis (PHOTOS)

jenelle evansCeleb moms know exactly what they're doing on the beach (or wherever Teen Mom Jenelle Evans happens to be in this pic): What better way to prove you're NOT pregnant, out-of-shape, or even the tiniest bit bloated than by flaunting your hot mom bod in a teeny-weeny bikini?

It's impossible to hide anything in these sizzingly skimpy bathing suits -- particularly the fact that you have one slammin' figure, kids or no kids.

Check out these 5 super-hot, super-scantily clad celeb moms!

Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar kaerae

Jenelle's a lot of things...but a mom she's NOT!

Cierra Sims

im sad i love whachin teen mom this one is the best and always will be

tinyp... tinypossum

Stop promoting these stupid teenage losers. 

nonmember avatar Danielle

Take jenelle off does she wake up with her child everyday no because she isn't truly a mother her mother is raising her son from day one promote good role models

nonmember avatar kendra

I'm sorry but when did teen moms become celebrities ? Especially ones like Janelle who don't even take care of there kids.. Smh I hate being part of this generation, it's so embarrassing.

Jessy Rush

i like janelle. i understand and respect her. alot of people dont. looking good girl <3

Melissa West

Jenelle Evans should NOT be on this list. She is NOT a mom, she is NOT taking care of her son. her mother is. she took the money from the show and bought boobs....yep that's putting your child first. a mother would have spent that money on their child and child's future. Jenelle Evans is a LOSER!

nonmember avatar kaerae

@jessyrush - I hope to god you're on the pill, if you're dumb enough to think Jenelle is a good mother, PLEASE DON'T BREED!

Kelsey Fulton

I'm sorry but Janelle should be more concerned about her son then trying to be hot for cameras and for men..like a cheap piece of plastic...its all fake everyone like seriously I dont even know how she paid for her boob job when she don't even take care of her kids...she is NOT a mom

Ember... Emberbaby

Slide shows again? Make it scrollable!

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