'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Rosie Rocks!

Real Housewives of New JerseyThings were all happy and gay for the most part on The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight. Of course, Joe Giudice had to go and mar things toward the end, and Teresa is just all sorts of delusional and ready to set  Caroline Manzo off any minute, but let's focus first on the positive -- Rosie Pierri, the surprising breakout star of the season.

Rosie is Kathy Wakile's sister, and she's hilarious, lovable, and about as down-to-earth as you can get. Kathy talked a lot tonight about how painful it was for Rosie to come out to her as gay, and how the experience has bonded them as sisters. Rosie decided it was time for her to talk to Rich and Kathy's kids about her experience coming out, and it was a truly lovely and touching scene when she did.

"It wasn't like I woke up and was like 'I'm gonna do this because it's cool.' No. God made me this way. That's it," she told them. Victoria and Joseph -- who likely already knew she was gay -- were entirely receptive to what she had to say and cried along with her, then lightened things up a little with a cute conversation about gaydar. "I was always off," Rosie said.

Major points to the Wakiles once again for showing how they truly are the coolest family. And they know how to party too! 

With the Giudices, Lauritas, and Manzos at Caroline's brother's wedding, it was just the cool couples -- the Wakiles and the Gorgas -- left to party along with Rosie, former NBA star Cliff Robinson, and his wife, Heather, who got Rosie all hot and bothered. Everyone egged her on, including Heather, who was all over Rosie in the hot tub. Side note: Did you notice how jealous Melissa Gorga was that Heather was getting all the attention for being the hot one?

It was all in good fun, and at least Rosie made known what she's looking for in a woman. I'm guessing she'll get more than a few prospects after this episode as viewers are falling head over heels for her. 

Speaking of heels -- let's get back to the Giudices who are a pair of them. They were in Chicago for the wedding of Caroline Manzo's brother Jaime to his fiance Rich, and making Caroline very uncomfortable. Teresa was pretending that nothing was wrong and that she and Caroline are BFFs despite everything; Joe was his usual boorish self, making his homophobia more than apparent.

He started by sharing the big gay moment of his life when he and friend whipped out their penises to compare them "like a couple a gays", then really crossed the line in the limo back to the hotel, when he accused Greg Bennett of being the one who farted because he had "the loosest butt hole here." The man has absolutely no class, nor a filter, and I hope he learns some manners in jail, which is where it sounds like he may be headed soon. Caroline was beyond appalled, but somehow held her tongue ... for the time being anyway.

Based on previews that appears like just the beginning of Juicy Joe's crass, crude behavior during the wedding weekend. Caroline said she's like a ticking time bomb, and all indications are that she's going to explode on the Giudices next week.

The most laughable line of the night came from Kim D. and her in-your-face boobs when she told Teresa that she didn't need to go to therapy with her brother because "nobody has their shit together more" than Teresa does. Ha.

Do you love Rosie? Do you think the Giudices are going to ruin the wedding?


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Liz Southerland

ROSIE ROCKS!!!! Rosie needs her own show.

bills... billsfan1104

I used to really like Caroline, but for some reason she is really turning me off. She blamed Teresa for all the problems in her family.

jessi... jessicasmom1

no need to get bitter,. she was having a great time

Tracey Plummer

You missed the best line of the night....Melissa talking about her husband's "kahunas" instead of "cojones". Too funny!

Marianna Graziano Johnson

I think Caroline is an idiot , she was friends with Teresa now just because of a few comments in a cookbook she blames her for everything. Come on take some responsibility lady, I believe we all have been watching the show the last 3 years as you and your kids went to dinner at Teresa's, and also had them to your home. You went on vacation to Italy with them and watched there kids for gods sake and now all of a sudden you state you were never her friend. I think your the trouble maker here. Sure I don't agree with Teresa and her brother and how she thinks she has done nothing wrong , but that is none of your business. How was Teresa suppose to act towards Caroline in chicago ignor her don't talk to her at all make things worse no she just treated her normal exactly what she should have done. I think Caroline needs to take some of the advice she is always trying to shove down other peoples throats

nonmember avatar Amanda

I can so relate to Rosie, I did not come out till my mid 30's and have two daughters, byu which are my biggest supporters. I admire Rosie and all who support her. She also has a very upbeat personailty that compliments her well. WTG Rosie

Karen Vallair


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