Andy Samberg's Departure From 'SNL' Won't Last Long (VIDEOS)

Andy Samberg SNLIt's confirmed: Andy Samberg is leaving Saturday Night Live. Oh, we had our suspicions -- made even stronger by the recent "Lazy Sunday 2" skit in which Samberg rapped, "On these New York streets I hone my fake rap penmanship/That's how it began, and that's how I'm-a finish it." And with that, SNL fans have to wave goodbye to not just Kirsten Wiig but to Samberg and the hit series of digital shorts the comedian helped pioneer while he's been on the show for the last seven seasons.

Or will they?


Lorne Michaels knows those digital shorts are, to some extent, keeping the show afloat ... at least with a certain generation of viewers. So do you think there's really any way he's going to let Samberg exit completely? Plus, consider this: Justin Timberlake, Samberg's sometimes partner-in-crime, has never been a SNL cast member, and yet he's starred in a slew of digital shorts -- from "D--k in a Box" to my personal fave "3-Way (The Golden Rule)" guest-starring Lady Gaga.

And the icing on the cake -- Samberg himself has said that the door is open for him to contribute occasional shorts. He told the New York Times, "That's the kind of thing that I really do hope happens." As far as that's concerned, I feel like the guy just has to say the word, and it's done! Lorne would be nuts to turn any potentially huge viral video by The Lonely Island away.

But, as for Michaels asking him to come back to host the show, hmm ... his film career (he stars in two upcoming flicks That's My Boy and Celeste and Jesse Forever) will have to take off before that can happen.

In honor of his SNL departure, here are a few classic Samberg shorts (which FYI, just in case, may not be safe for work or kids!):

The one that started it all, "Lazy Sunday" ...


Who could ever forget "D--k in a Box" (circa Dec. 2006) ...


The "3-Way (Golden Rule)" starring Susan Sarandon, Patricia Clarkson, and Lady Gaga!


And in case you missed it recently, "Lazy Sunday 2" ...


Will you miss Andy Samberg on SNL?


Image via NBC

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