'Teen Mom' Cast Reveal Final Season Spoilers: The Drama Has Just Begun! (VIDEO)

teen moms catelynn lowell, maci bookout, farrah abrahamWith less than two weeks until the fourth and final season of Teen Mom premieres on MTV, the cast (sans Amber Portwood) is out promoting what's sure to be an emotional, intense summation to the popular series. E! News spoke with Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, and Farrah Abraham who dished on what we can look forward to in the new eps, and fans (and probably even haters, too) can prepared to be thrilled. The moms themselves even say this might just be the best season of Teen Mom yet. As Catelynn says, they're "going out with a bang!" Oh my.

Here, five of the most exciting points we'll see addressed in season four ...

  1. The kids are all so big! No longer babies or toddlers, Maci points out that fans will see all the little ones walking and talking.
  2. Similarly, the girls are all grown up. Looking back on what they were like when they first sent in their casting tapes or starred on 16 & Pregnant, the Teen Mom stars feel like they've grown so much, and now, in this season, they're really coming off "as adults," and "you can definitely see that in this season," Maci reveals.
  3. Amber Portwood's draaaama. Who knows what trouble the cameras caught, but Amber was noticebly absent from this interview. Still, regardless of what they see in the final season, Catelynn said it's important that fans know that "a lot of teens end up like her," and Amber has told her before that she hopes "girls learn from her mistakes." Innnnteresting! I'm sure the season will offer some insight into that ... and definitely serve as an "educational" experience in some ways.
  4. The girls support Amber. Sounds like no matter what has happened over the past few months (or years!), the Teen Moms are there for one another. As Maci Bookout put it, "We want nothing but the best for Amber. We just want her happy."
  5. There's definitely room left for a spinoff ... or two or three. All three moms said they'd be up for doing a spinoff show -- with one caveat: That it be positive and actually offer something beneficial to others in their position. Who knows? This cast has gotten so popular, who knows what MTV might dream up next ... Single MomsEx-Teen Moms? Sky's the limit!

Here's the interview in full ...


What are you most looking forward to seeing in Teen Mom season 4?

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Mom2A... Mom2Addison12

first off, caitlyn should not get a spin off....she is NOT A MOTHER.

Elaine Cox

lol...Funny stuff..farrah's fake boobs look nice..so grown up

Rachel Hinsman Datson

Mom2Addison12, Caitlyn more certainly is a Mother, she also had the maturity to do what was best for her child under very trying circumstances.  Your comment is completely ignorant!

Rvm_f... Rvm_fletch

I have to respectfully disagree that Caitlyn is not a mother. Mother, by definition, can mean someone who bears offspring, which she did. She made a very heart wrenching but responsible choice by giving up her daughter. I believe she is one of the best portrayals for teen mom. It must have been so hard for her to give up Carly but the fact that she did does not make her any less entitled to identify herself as a mother. She made a selfless, compassionate and difficult choice that was in the best interest if her AND their baby. In my eyes, it makes her a better mom than some of the other drug using, batboy loving, foul mouthed girls on the shown.

nonmember avatar Michelle

OK, mom2addison12, Amber Portwood should get a spinoff because in your eyes she is a "mother" but caitlyn shoud not? Great reasoning skills. And SO great you have a daughter to raise with these ignorant statements. I PRAISE caitlyn for what she did...it took more love and guts to give her daughter a better life than you will EVER understand. Amber's daughter, on the other hand, will probably wind up just like her...pregnant at 16 and MESSED UP.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Catelynn is the best mother of any season of this train wreck. Her child has a better family, a better life, and a better future than any of them. THAT'S what a good mother does.

Mom2A... Mom2Addison12

Woah, where did I ever say that Amber deserves a spin off? OH that's right, I DID NOT. Amber shouldn't even be on the final season, considering, she was told she isn't allowed on MTV. t

Secondly, she can be a MOTHER, which means she beared offspring, but she is not a mom, which means she shouldn't be on the show anymore....first season, understand. But now, she's boring, it's the same old same old with her. Step dad is in and out of jail. Mother fights with her because of the decision she made, which I rightfully agree with her mother. If she couldn't take care of the responbility, she shouldn't have gotten pregnant.

The only spin off, I would watch would be Maci.

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Mom2poorAddison - Catelynn DID take care of her responsibility, that's the point you're not missing. She gave her child an opportunity for the best of everything and a chance to get out of that family's cycle of poverty, which was far more responsible than any of the others. Her responsibility was to provide her daughter with everything she needs for her present and future, and she did that. A child should not be kept as a "punishment" for getting pregnant. Catelynn did the mature, responsible, and totally selfless thing.

Stacey. Stacey.

 If she couldn't take care of the responbility, she shouldn't have gotten pregnant.

But she did get pregnant, so then what? Does she get in her time machine and undo her decision (or get an abortion)? Or should she make the best possible decision for her daughter, even if that means giving her to another family? Would you really call her a mom if she was another Amber portwood? I dont think so.

Also, if your daughter makes a mistake by having a child at a young age, and does the best thing for that child whatever the decision is, do you really agree that it would be right for you to belittle her everyday for the rest of her life over that decision? or, as a MOTHER, would you support your child no matter what?

nonmember avatar Brittany

Mom2Addison12: Your reasoning makes no sense because you think Caitlyn is not a MOM when clearly as everyone else said she made a very responsible decision. I wish that I could be as strong as her and give my baby everything. I am a teen mom at 17 I am pregnant and waiting to give birth to a health baby but just because she gave her baby up does not mean that she isnt a mom she gave her baby a shot at an amazing life and she still talks and sees her baby and sees how she is growing it is hard for her but she is still there as a mom on the side so to speak

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