Brad Womack Needs to Quit Mooching Off Emily Maynard's Fame

brad womack

You'd think that after two rounds of trying his hand at being The Bachelor, Brad Womack would've had enough of the reality TV spotlight to tide him over for at least the next few hundred years or so. But ever since Emily Maynard took the reigns as The Bachelorette, Brad has suddenly popped back up on the radar to voice his feelings about seeing his former fiance try to move on and find the love of her life. (Cue the violins.)

Initially, Brad seemed to be acting like the ex from hell when it came to his comments about Emily's journey for love. I mean, there's really no way to put a positive spin on "I dodged a bullet with that relationship." (Am I wrong?)


But he must have realized that being heard on video putting down America's sweetheart was pretty bad for his image, because he totally changed his tune after calling in to the Bobby Bones Radio Show. In what sounds like a line out of a really sappy country song, Brad said:

"I just don't wanna see her movin' on." (I can hear the steel guitars playing in my head, can't you?)

He then continued his comments with, "I truly wish her the best, man. I hope she finds a helluva guy and she settles down."

It's all well and good that Brad tried to clear the air and redeem himself by sending Emily well wishes and playing the broken hearted teenager card. But I think it's safe to say that she's officially over him and has zero intentions of ever resurrecting that relationship -- so he needs to get over her as well and stop talking once and for all.

Judging from his past two failed attempts at finding a lasting relationship on television, and maintaining a positive public image, getting out of the spotlight is probably the best thing for Brad if he wants to have a happy life in the future. Being in the public eye can be a tough thing to let go of when you're used to the perks of fame -- but Brad's 15 minutes were up a long time ago. This is Emily's time -- and if he truly cares about her at all, he'll step back and let her enjoy it.

Do you think Brad still loves Emily? Or is he just trying to stretch out his fame while he still can?


Image via ABC

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