Justin Bieber Is Going to Have to Answer to Police Over Brawling Claims

justin bieberFrom jail-bait to inmate? Looks like Justin Bieber's supposed brawl with a paparazzo could land him in big trouble. Police plan to interview the pop idol and his girlfriend Selena Gomez about the clash and are searching for additional witnesses.

That's bad news for Biebs, who is accused of hitting an aggressive photographer so hard that it sent the guy to the hospital with chest pains.

Improbable? Well, Bieber's not exactly built like a body builder, but that doesn't matter if there is evidence he did something wrong. And cops are on the hunt for it!

They haven't been able to sit down with the star, who jetted off to Norway for a concert. Even so, TMZ reported that police have already decided to turn the case over to prosecutors while continuing to investigate.

What does it mean for the singer?  Well, he's just the suspect in a criminal battery investigation for now and they may turn up zilch. Lucky for him, even if he were charged and convicted, this kind of case usually doesn't end in jail time. Not that stars get harsh sentences anyway.

Case in point: Lindsay Lohan got a one-day sentence and 10 days community service for misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges in 2007. Paris Hilton sat in a cell just five of her 45-day jail term the same year. So fans should rest easy. In the unlikely event he lands in the clink, Bieber won't be there long enough to need those precious locks cut by the prison barber. A bigger problem for the mega-rich star? The civil $uit that is likely on the way.

Do you think Justin is in any real trouble?


Image via Daniel Ogren/Flickr

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starl... starlight1968

after hearing from different sources that the idiot was FINE until a nosy lawyer told him to complain as he'd get lots $$ I say they just need to leave JB alone.  The man was leaning on personal property & blocking entry so I have no concern for the d.a.

If I was Bieber I'd counter sue for libel. 

There are laws to protect celebrities from this sort of behaviour...dumb but the paparazzi created them in the long run because of their behaviour.

nonmember avatar maoh

Where are the pictures and videos of the brawl? You would think that cellphones and pap cameras would capture the crime. Funny headline.

nonmember avatar James

Anyone that needs to go to hospital after being punched by Justin Bieber needs a serious life re-think.

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