Lady Gaga Covets Fake Rolex & Sets Off International Outrage

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Lady Gaga can't seem to catch a break lately when it comes to petty digs and out-of-proportion freakouts. First she had Madonna doing her ropy-armed best to send the musical message that MADGE CAME FIRST, DAMMIT, and now Thailand has their collective undies in a twist over a single tweet that Gaga sent a week ago.

What was this contentious Twitter missive that managed to offend Thailand's Commerce Ministry to the point where an official spoke out against her? Did she dredge up some awful stereotype or announce her distaste for Tom Kha Kai?

Nope. She tweeted about wanting to buy a knock-off Rolex. OH, THE HORROR!

Gaga was in Thailand last week for what ended up being a sell-out concert that attracted 50,000 fans, and shortly after her private jet arrived Wednesday night, she posted the following:

The assumption is that she was referring to the popular outdoor Ladies Market in Hong Kong, where there are in fact plenty of high-end knockoffs to be found.

Her comment angered some fans, who said she had insulted their country—and the tweet didn't sit well with an official from the Thailand Ministry's Intellectual Property Department either:

Lady Gaga is a representative of the U.S. and the U.S. puts pressure on smaller countries to promote the protection of intellectual property. She should tell her fans that they shouldn't use fake goods.

Personally, I think the reaction is pretty ridiculous. I've been to Thailand and Hong Kong, and I've got the fake Ferragamo bag to prove it. The ripoff designer goods are hardly the most intriguing things those areas have to offer, but it's pretty silly to deny they exist. I can understand that Thailand would have been happier if she'd tweeted about the jaw-dropping beaches or amazing fine dining, but she's an actual person with her own interests, not a tourism 'bot.

Besides, if Lady Gaga is considered a representative of the U.S., I have more concerns than a tweet about Rolexes. HEY THAILAND WE DON'T ALL WEAR MEAT DRESSES OKAY?

What do you think about the Rolex uproar? Is the controversy legit?

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nonmember avatar A

Maybe if you researched how those knock-off Rolex watches are made, you would understand.

They are usually made by very young children, because their fingers are small.

The other products, such as the bags are also made by children, and adults. They get paid almost nothing to live and work at a factory that is dangerous, crowded, and overworking it's employees.

Most poor, uneducated people end up working at such a place because they have no other option for money.

It's an awful situation, and cheap tourists are buying these items. People from Thailand aren't the ones buying these things.

So, do your research before you post.

Then, you might get it.

butte... butterflyfreak

Sheesh, people get upset about the silliest things!

nonmember avatar JANE

So then you wouldn't mind me starting my own blog and posting your articles with my name on them?

PonyC... PonyChaser

I get where you're coming from, A, but if that truly is the issue here, then the Thai government needs to crack down on those workhouses, not on some idiot celebrity running her mouth. Lady GaGa is not the problem - those who make the "knockoff" products ARE the problem.

Meanwhile, there IS a "Ladies' Market", there ARE knockoff Rolexes, and people DO buy them. So... what... people can't talk about it?

Delamara Delamara

Wouldn't it be better to talk about it so attention keeps getting brought to it? I hope the Thai government will step up and crack down, but until then...people should bring attention to it. 

Smerk... Smerkalot

Well said, PonyChaser!!!!  Rediculous.

nonmember avatar A

@PonyChaser, I'm not defending ANYONE here.

I'm offering an explanation as to why the Thai government got upset.

They probably dont want her getting everyone talking about their knock-offs.

Relax. You think you know everything and always have to point fingers at people.

I don't care about Lady Gaga or Thailand, and I especially don't care what some old lady thinks.

Nancy... NancyJ422

Well if the Thai Government has an issue with fake Rolexes and everything else fake made by little children, they need to DO something about it.  Hell, if I went to Thailand I'd be buying fake Rolexes and what not too.  I'm sure Lady Gaga's not the first celeb to talk about it.

kuwel... kuwelsdestiny

Oh. My. Gosh. Oohoohooh! I have a question! How are REAL Rolexes made? Where are they made? Does anyone even know the answer to that question?

nonmember avatar A

@kuwel, there's this thing called Google....

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