'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Kristina Is Lucky in Many Ways

Kristina's episode of 16 and Pregnant was easily the saddest yet, and given I cry every episode, that is saying quite a lot, indeed. Kristina is only 16, but she is dealing with horrible grief, guilt, trauma, and things people three times her age can't understand.

As sad as it is to be pregnant and only 16, it's even worse to be doing so while simultaneously grieving an enormous loss. Kristina lost her fiance and almost died herself and the trauma of that is still fresh. My heart just broke throughout this episode for her.

But it wasn't all bad for Kristina.

She is surrounded by what appears to be a very loving and supportive family. Though her mother is a little overwrought and difficult to be around, the fact is, she means well. She wants her daughter to be happy and she wants her to feel loved.

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Then there are Dotty and Daniel, her aunt and uncle. Daniel is also the older brother of Todd. To be sure, their grief is palpable. One of the saddest moments was Todd's mom crying to Kristina.

But it wasn't all bad. Even though the family was all deep in grief and pain, they are supportive. And Kristina, for her age, seems more mature and loving than many new moms and certainly than the many new moms on this show.

It may not seem like it now, but Kristina's story will likely only get happier and happier. Meanwhile her son will be a living reminder every day of the person she lost. If she can't have her fiance, having his baby here is probably a huge blessing.

I wanted to reach through the TV and hug her, but it seems like Kristina has no shortage of love.

Did this finale make you cry?


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nonmember avatar bbl

I don't think your title is right!

RobJar RobJar

I didn't see the episode. How did he die?

Heath... HeatherMazzone

He drowned on a family vacation to the beach. This is the first episode ever that made me cry. I felt so bad for her. I can't imagine dealing with so much at that age.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

But I think the craziest party of this whole thing is that she is now married to someone else just 8 months after her son was born. I feel like she made a desperate move to be happy again.

omgitsjo omgitsjo

My heart ached for her the whole time, especially when she was blankly staring at the baby and whispered, "he looks just like Todd." :( Poor thing. But you're right, she had great support, and I am so glad she went to a therapist to help her sort out her grief. Lucas is very loved.

Karen Dowling-Barth

 I did not see it the way you did, I thought she was cruel the way she treated her mom.... but take that with a grain of salt as I have no right to judge because I have not walked in her shoes.  

nonmember avatar Britt Swanstrom

It was a very sad episode. At times I felt bad for her mom, but then a part of me understood why she didn't want to talk about it. However, things can't be that bad for her as she is already married. Here is the link to her twitter account. It proudly states "wife and mommy :)". https://twitter.com/#!/head_kristina

Sabrina Litscher

I lost my fiance after being together 5 years and i was with someone new and still am only 4 months after, i think being with someone else helps the grieving process, although my heart will never fully comitt to someone because my heart is still partially with the father of my child, I feel like I deserve happiness and that is what her dad would want anyways. Some people heal and move on differently and I was fortunate enough to not have to do it alone.

MsRickie MsRickie

I felt bad for her initially, then she was starting to piss me off. She treated her mom like CRAP! I want Dotty? No you can't come in the room with me. I don't wanna be at the hospital any more. I'm sorry she lost her fiance but she was a bytch! Sadly, sex, babies and love are very real adult subjects. So if you engage in sex be prepared to deal with all the consequences and sometimes that means raising a child alone. I'm sorry that her fiance died, but if he had lived she would not have been on the show because you never see the guy helping out too!


@HeatherMazzone I guess I have to watch it again. I missed the part where she had gotten married.

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