Queen Latifah Came Out for Gay Pride, But She Didn't 'Come Out'

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queen latifahRemember when Ellen DeGeneres came out in 1997 and what a big deal it was?  Today, of course, Ellen is still a lesbian, has an enormously popular talk show, and no one seems to think about her sexual orientation (except a few moms boycotting JCPenney). Such as it is when celebrities "come out" these days. Who even really cares anymore? Speculation is now rampant that Queen Latifah just "came out" since she appeared at a Gay Pride rally in Long Beach, California. She told the crowd, "Y'all my peeps. I love you!" and "Thank you to all my favorite peeps who came out to support me." Is this a coming out? Is this just support for her LGBT fans? Who knows? Who cares?

Queen Latifah, unlike some other celebrities whose sexual orientation is the source of much speculation, isn't married. Nor does she make her living as a heterosexual sex symbol. Is her sexuality anyone's concern or business?

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Don't get me wrong. I do think that it's a great thing that there are celebrities like Lance Bass, Melissa Etheridge, Ricky Martin, Jillian Michaels, and Jim Parsons, who felt it was important to make more of an announcement. Maybe they did it so that young people struggling with their sexuality can feel more at ease and have someone to look up to. I think that's a great reason. But there are other celebrities, like Raven Symone or Lindsay Lohan, who just prefer to live their lives and date whom they want.

And still others, like Queen Latifah, choose to show support to the LGBT community without feeling like she has to explain exactly WHY. Someday, people will no longer feel the need to "come out" at all. Come to think of it, maybe we have reached that day.

Do you feel celebrities should still "come out"?


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nonmember avatar Lindsey

This confuses me. Queen Latifia has been out for awhile! I remember reading an article a few years ago about her living with her partner in a small town.

Loonah Loonah

Jim Parsons didn't make an 'announcement'. There was one line in a small article. Hardly the cover of People magazine.

chell... chelly214

It shouldn't matter if they "come out" or not. It shouldn't change our opinion of them or their acting/singer/whatever. A lot of celebrities support causes but it doesn't necessarily mean they are what they are supporting. Jim Parsons didn't make a huge announcement. It wasn't a big deal because in all reality it isn't. I don't think anyone was surprised when it was official. 

Alyssa MacVeigh

Wait, is this still something people are unsure of? I've known she has a female partner for ages and I didn't think it was a secret. And I don't even pay attention to celebrity news unless I read something on a whim.

Juanita Josefina Garzah

Its her personal life who cares. the only person that should is her. and that goes to the other celebs. there all people living their lives. i still love her as a person and a actress 'shes awesome'

nonmember avatar Nedderly

Love these comments. No it's not a big deal and it's nice to see people react as such. I'm a straight guy with lots of gay friends, and I've never thought the marriage situation was fair. Glad more people are piping up about that. My gay friends are good people.

Katie Elizabeth Anne

She has a femal partner and she's been pictured with her by media for years, no surprise there.

I don't think they should "have" to come out, if they want to go for it more power and support  to ending homophobia. When I found out JIm Parson's was I was a little shocked but also very amused, it makes his character on big bang theory's struggle to be in a relationship with Amy that much funnier to me. Just like how Neil Patrick Harris's character on HMYM is a man whore.

zandh... zandhmom2

I don't think it's a big deal at all.  I knew about Queen Latifah for years now.  And no surprise for me about Jim Parson.  I didn't think Jillian made a big deal about it either.  I think it was only really confirmed with the announcement of her 2 new kids with her partner.  As far as Raven is concerned, she doesn't want to say one way or the other so I really don't people should speak for her.

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