'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Knows a Rotten Egg When She Smells One

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This season of The Bachelorette has taken a couple episodes to really get going, but I gotta admit, tonight I felt that old familiar feeling of being completely sucked into the show whether I wanna be or not. I mean, I was already a huge Emily Maynard fan before she handed out her very first rose, but after tonight's episode? Yeah -- I'm really lovin' this gal. Because she knows what she wants -- and she isn't willing to compromise.

And while I'm on the subject of compromise, can I just go ahead and ask what the heck was up with Alessandro?! Ok, so I know this dude may not quite be up on his American lingo -- but you'd think he'd know English well enough not to tell Emily that he thinks being a dad would ruin his life (which is basically what he said). Good riddance to him is all I can say!

But while he was a total rotten egg -- unfortunately he isn't the only one in the bunch.

OMG. Em really had her fair share of tasteless and inappropriate comments tonight, didn't she? And perhaps one of the worst came out of Ryan's mouth -- you know, when he said he "wouldn't love on her anymore" if she got fat? Who the hell does this guy think he is? Emily definitely saw a big red flag after his nasty words -- and she'll be paying a lot more attention to everything he says from here on out. Honestly, I think she only kept him around because they had a connection on their one-on-one date. But I'll be shocked if he's here after another week or two.

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And PLEASE for the love of GOD let her see what an egotistical maniac Kalon is! I wanted to reach through the TV and punch him when he pretty much flat out scolded her for interrupting him. (The nerve!)

Of course, while there are a few frogs this season, a few princes seem to be emerging as well. How awesome is Arie?! He's a total front runner, not only for how well he and Emily connected on their date at Dollywood, but also for comforting her at the cocktail party and making her feel at ease. They totally looked like boyfriend and girlfriend tonight. (Aww!)

And then there are Doug and Sean -- and I can't tell which one I think is the bigger sweetheart. I'm seeing these two going pretty far in the race for Emily's heart as well.

Oh yeah, and Travis seems pretty nice -- but it's a good thing he let Emily smash that stupid egg of his once and for all. Let's just hope she treats the other bad eggs in the bunch in a similar fashion in the coming weeks.

Do you have a favorite guy so far on Emily's season?


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nonmember avatar Alli

My three favorites are Arie Sean and Doug. I did like charlie but there just hasn't been enough of him. He seems to sit back to much.

Alicia Zapata Couret

I love Arie, Doug, Sean. If any of those 3 win I would be happy. I think Doug would be the best choice for her though. :)


Debi Olson-Bruno

I like Doug because he's a single Dad and his story he told about his childhood was so sad that I wanted to reach out and give him a hug.   I also like Sean too.  

Barbie Ricotta

Arie got blessed because of dolly. She made that connection for them. ya know..right!

Jesse Andrews

umm apparently you all havent heard the stories behind Arie....he is a total player

Snook... SnookiBoo

I like Doug and Charlie the best.  I can not stand Jef and Kalon, they both seem so fake.

nonmember avatar TeamArie

I love Arie and like Sean. Doug seems sweet but after reading about his past, want him gone. Initially, Ryan was my frontrunner but as soon as he opened his mouth (shock) he's the worst.

Jane Hutchinson

Transcripts indicate that Emily picks Sean.  I like Ari, Sean and Jef.  They're all good guys.  But, the  clues point to a Sean and Emily engagement. 

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