'Game of Thrones' Recap: The Battle of the Blackwater Lives Up to All the Hype!

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game of thronesThis is the second to last episode of the second season of Game of Thrones -- I know, can you believe it? And this episode is the one to watch. Plenty of action is expected, as Stannis Baratheon's forces finally march on King's Landing to take on the Lannisters. Ever since reading A Clash of Kings, I was so looking forward to seeing this battle on my television screen. And the author of the series, George R. R. Martin, wrote the script for this episode!

So let's get to the discussion/spoilers for "Blackwater," which are below ... don't click if you haven't watched the episode! And I'm keeping the book/show comparisons to a miminum, mmmk?

Whew, this episode was quite a rush! It starts out peaceful enough: As all the key players like Ser Davos, Tyrion, Sandor Clegane (the Hound), Bronn, and Joffrey get ready for the battle, Cersei, Sansa, Shae, and some other high-borns can do nothing but hide and wait for the outcome. I'd probably do exactly the same thing Cersei does -- get drunk.

Tyrion has masterminded the whole defense plan, as the Lannister fleet is nowhere in sight to defend the gates -- not a good omen for Baratheon, wouldn't you say? Only one ship approaches Baratheon's massive fleet, and no one is on board. Soon enough we see that the ship is oozing wildfire, and Tyrion gives the signal to ignite it. The gigantic, green flames engulf everything and everyone, and screams of dying men pierce the night. 

But it's not over yet. Baratheon's armies are coming ashore. It seems no expenses were spared as a shower of flaming arrows rains down on them. (Side note: Is there any way I can watch big medieval battle scenes without being reminded of The Lord of the Rings? Does anyone else feel that way?) 

As Cersei learns about what's going on outside, she demands that Joffrey be taken out of the battle. The Hound's old fears of fire come back to haunt him, so he flees, and with their leadership seemingly falling apart, Tyrion takes charge. In the middle of the most intense of the fighting, he gets terribly wounded by a man in his own army (in the book it was Ser Mandon Moore), and his fate is TBD. But, when all seemed lost, Tywin Lannister and his army swoop in to win the day! 

In all, I was super impressed with this episode and felt that the battle scene was as epic as any movie's. Cersei and Tyrion were even given some classic one-liners to provide some comedic relief among all the violence -- and boy was there plenty of violence. Kudos to HBO to giving this battle the attention (and funding) this story deserves. Whew, I need to go do some yoga now, so see you all next week for the final episode of this amazing season!

What did you think of the Battle of the Blackwater?

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mamivon2 mamivon2

I yet have to see it..

nonmember avatar Rudeboy

Amazing! I just hope the Imp survived

nonmember avatar Sara

My sister made the same comment about LOTR, almost word for word. Ha!

suziejax suziejax

haven't seen it just yet 

nonmember avatar Judge248

Baratheon's armies were in th Keep. Stannis' armies were coming ashore.

Joe Lipsett

Was surprised at how well they managed to do the battle (initially thought the wildfire was it and was so disappointed - lol!)

Overall this episode was actually all about the character-beat scenes for me. Cersei & Sansa were my favourite, but the bits with Tyrion and Shae, and even Bronn and the Hound were all exceedingly well done.

Our take: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-Yx

nonmember avatar AWS

"Baratheon's armies were in th Keep. Stannis' armies were coming ashore."

Stannis is more Baratheon than anyone in King's Landing. Joffrey is Baratheon by name only. He's a Lannister through and through. It was Lannister men in the Keep and Baratheon men (both Stannis' and Renly's) coming ashore.

Liliths Mitten

The fire thing was straight out of Braveheart.This episode was o.k. nothing special. This show is running out of steam. at this pace it wil be going for another 50 years. The pacing is once again , too slow.

Lokis... LokisMama


I loved it.  

Keeping the book/show comparisons to a minimum is kinda hard if you've read the books, because there are key points of the Battle of Blackwater that they left out.  But all in all, I was impressed.

I don't think we're going to know Tyrion's fate until next season, tbh, because the season finale is gonna be everyone else's season wrap up (Dany, Jon Snow, Bran/Rickon, maybe Theon Grayjoy)

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