First Look: 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Posters Will Blow Your Mind! (PHOTOS)

breaking dawnWoo-hoo, Twi-hards!

It's about dang time we got a glimpse of brand new poster action, isn't it?!

I mean, seriously.

It's not like November is THAT far away. How long were we going to have to wait to catch a glimpse of official Breaking Dawn: Part 2 imagery, anyway?

Because while I know we get to see red-eyed vampire Bella in the movie trailer, that's simply not enough. After all ...


It's not like we can put a movie trailer up on our bedroom wall. Is it?! I mean, maybe we could do a screen shot and print it out and blow it up ... but it would be blurry and pixelated and in no way, shape or form anything close to the photoshopped-to-perfection works of art you'll see here.

And as much as I love the boys (A LOT), this first poster is probably my fave ... red-eyed Bella!!!

bella poster

Actually, what the heck was I saying?! Golden-eyed Edward is definitely definitely definitely definitely my favorite.

edward poster

And this Jacob poster? It's almost enough to make a girl switch teams. ALMOST.

jacob poster

Which of these Breaking Dawn: Part 2 posters is your favorite?


Images via Summit

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