'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Devon Proves a Dad Does Matter

There is rarely such a thing as an "uplifting" episode of 16 & Pregnant, but if there were such a thing, Devon's episode might be it. Sure, she is young and naive and she has no interest in feeling any pain, but hey, moms twice her age feel the same way, and honestly, there were many good things with her, too.

She is motivated. She is still together with her boyfriend. She has a supportive family. Her boyfriend is actually motivated, smart, and loving. He actually wants to be a dad.

We can sit here and say a mom can raise a baby on her own, but when push comes to shove, it's just a happier story when the dad isn't a complete low life deadbeat, isn't it?

Because Devon has a good man, she can focus on her studies and on her baby in a more mature way. She is able to be a better mom because she has help.

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Of course, it isn't just her boyfriend that makes her story a little happier. Devon also is realistic about all the challenges of motherhood. She was no starry eyed idiot about it. Her own sister went through it, too.

She says she knew what she would be giving up as a teen mom and knowing is half the battle to being a good one. The people who run into trouble are the ones who think having a baby will be just like babysitting or having a really cute doll.

Devon knows what she gave up, but she also knows what she has to look forward to. With her job, her man, and her education all seemingly under control, my guess is she will be one of the few happy endings from this season.

This is set in sharp contrast to the scenes from next week's season finale. Whoa Nellie. That looks depressing. Hang on guys. Tears are coming.

Do you think Devon was a good mom?


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Whitn... WhitneySM

Why do you make "she has no interest in feeling any pain" into a bad thing? Gosh, the writers on this site act like if your not into a natural home birth that somethings wrong with you.

Megan Mills

^ couldn't agree more. i went through 10 hrs of labor before i "didn't want to feel any [more] pain". and i had a 33hr labor.. imagine doing that with NO MEDS.. yikes! i like to look at it as, you wouldn't go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled without any pain meds right?? why the F%#$ would you go through LABOR without meds???

Colette Brossette

@Megan - you prolly wouldn't have had had such a long labour if you hadn't taken the pain meds. That slows labor down like crazy. Just let your body work like it's supposed to.

shesl... shesliketx

why is no one disturbed about the fact that she was a jr in high school when she got pregnant by a man who is 4 yrs older than her? i'm sure his command loved hearing about this.

i had my first child at 20. I was about the same age Devon's boyfriend is. I was married. We had planned to have a baby. But I was different at 20 than I was at 16/17. why would her mother let her be with someone so much older than her...much less let him move in????

Carol Bullard Parham

With her sister going thru this, seems like Devon and her mother would have been wiser. Hope it works for them.
I had my daughter 29 years ago, when having a "natural" birth was the new rage. I planned to have one, but the pain got so bad that I asked for meds. They didn't help much, but at least I slept in between contractions, and they took some of the edge of the pain off. From then on, I swore I'd have an epidural next time, which I did. It was wonderful, felt like we were having a party instead of the hell of my first labor. The actual active labor wasn't nearly as long the second time, either, but then labor & delivery tend to get faster & easier with each pregnancy, also. I didn't care for the catheter, but hey, it was loads better than having a "natural" labor & delivery! Some women don't hurt that much, but most of us do, especially when you have back labor like I had. Everyone has to find their own way. A friend of mine self-hypnotized herself to have a natural labor & delivery. Under hypnosis is the only way I would recommend it!

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Wow, I love how people think they know everything about birth just because they've had a baby. I had an epidural and only had 8 hours of labor with my first baby. So did several friends of mine. An epidural can actually speed things up, something to do with relaxing and your body progressing.

Naomi Guiney

I dont see why everyone so against med free labor. I went through 5 labors no meds comepletely natural and one happened to be breech. And my first born i was even a teen was only 15 when i had her

nonmember avatar Gabby

I think she looked like a prostitute and the fact that her bf is 20 and she is 16 is weird and gross. I am 21 and I would never date a 16 or 17 year old. You would think her mom would have learned since her sister had a baby young too.. fail.

pwebs... pwebster12

Wow, talk about judgmental, you sound like a very pleasant perfect person Gabby, obviously you must be to make such harsh judgments on people you don't even know. I thought this was a better episode then usual, the age difference was kind of strange but at least they both seemed very mature and much more capable of handling parenthood then most of the people on this show. She also at least made an attempt to take birth control, accidents happen and there are many people out there that accidentally get pregnant while taking birth control pills or when switching from one method to another. I hope things go well for them because they seemed like a great couple who are much more prepared and capable to be good parents then others their age.

nonmember avatar Amy

I had my daughter completely natural and my labor and delivery lasted a total of 6 hours (9 mins of pushing) it was painful but not unbearable. I was more afraid of the needle in my spine then feeling pain in my crotch.lol worked out for me. I keep hearing that there is no way I can get as lucky the second time around :s we will see. She is two now and I want another one soon :) it annoys me that all the teen moms go right for the pain free method, suck it up ladies we were made for it.

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