Bristol Palin vs. 'Teen Mom' Coming to a TV Near You (VIDEO)

Bristol PalinAre you ready for the battle of the teen moms? We've finally got an airdate for Bristol Palin's much hyped reality show, Life's a Tripp. And you'll never guess the time slot Lifetime has chosen to show off how the former governor's daughter and her son life life. It's directly opposite the final season of MTV's reality series, Teen Mom.

They'll both air at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesdays, beginning in June (although the teen moms get a week headstart on the Wasilla native with a June 12 start). And of course they'll both be about young moms who were pregnant teenagers. Maybe those rumors of the Bristol vs. Teen Mom stars feud aren't just rumors after all?


The talk a few years ago was that Palin had the stars of Teen Mom barred from ever appearing on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, whether it was on the stage or just in the audience. Then came the news that it was all a bunch of hogwash because Tripp's mom and Teen Mom star Maci Bookout were "friends" who'd met in person at events meant to discourage teenagers from becoming parents.

Let's hope they're the kind of friends who can handle being pitted against one another in the same time slot talking the same subject matter!

This is a particularly hairy situation considering the season of Teen Mom that premieres June 12 is the last for Bookout and co-stars Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell. The show has been cancelled while MTV continues its Teen Mom 2 series and preps for a Teen Mom 3 spin-off. This is their last chance to get their side of what it's like to be a teen mother out to the masses for whatever reason they chose to be a part of the show.

Now they'll have Palin's 14-episode series to battle for viewers. She's sure to have her mom's fans watching out of devotion and more than a few of her mom's detractors watching to gawk. What are the chances it will be a fair fight between the two sides?

Get a look at the sneak peek of Life's a Tripp, which begins airing on Lifetime on June 19, and tell us: which show will YOU be watching on Tuesday nights?


Image via My Lifetime

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