Taylor Swift Honors Fallen Marine in Her Next Music Video (VIDEO)

taylor swiftTaylor Swift might just be as sweet as she looks. The country pop singer has always loved her fans, so much so that she's still surprised that the audience likes her, but this story goes to show just how genuinely grateful she is for her admirers and for the troops.

Corporal Josh Marreel uploaded a video to get Taylor's attention, but he didn't want concert tickets or for her to be his date at a dance. Instead, his motivations were entirely selfless -- he wanted Taylor to know that 22-year-old Sergeant Wade Wilson, a Marine killed in action in Afghanistan, was a huge fan of hers. Wade had a poster of Taylor in his bunk and really loved her music.

Taylor got the message, saw the video, and decided she wanted to honor Sgt. Wilson in a big way.

After watching Josh's video, she got Wade's family on the phone and asked if it was OK if she wear his dog tags in her next music video. She also sent them flowers and a kind note thanking Wade for his love and support, saying that she'll never forget him.

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I'm equally touched by Taylor's actions as I am Josh's. Wade was clearly a really loved guy and it's wonderful that his favorite artist is remembering him, and his service, in such a subtle yet impactful way.

Taylor's making it all about Wade and his family, and not all about Taylor and her PR, which is what makes this story even better. Yes, the press as picked up the news, but I don't think it takes away from the fact that Taylor wanted to show her appreciation and respect for Wade by wearing his dog tags. Her idea is thoughtful, patriotic, and meaningful. Just like Wade's service.

Watch Josh's plea to Taylor:

What do you think of what Taylor's doing?


Photo via rwoan/Flickr

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Debra Van Doren Addis

She's awesome person and she has a heart,, she doesn't have to do the things that she does for others with all the money she makes,, but she does,, she has a kind heart and she hasn't let fame and money go to her head like so many have that are in the public's eye,, I'm moved that she is so willing to go the extra mile for someone that she has never met and never will,, kudo's to her,, would be proud to have her as a friend,,

bills... billsfan1104

What a wonderful thing she did.

Vivian Beck

Taylor is awesome......

dreamsky dreamsky

Her parents must be so proud of their little girl!!!

nonmember avatar Bethany

What a great thing Taylor is doing. Thank you Taylor it truly is a sweet thing to recognize this man and his service. More than what Taylor is doing though, thank you Sgt. Wilson for all you did to protect our freedoms. You will always be remembered.

Patricia Renner

I knew when I saw the original video, that Taylor would want to do something special for this Marine. She is really something special.

nonmember avatar ksnana

I have been impressed with the kind of person Taylor is since she first came on the country scene! I have watched her grow as a young lady and have always said what a wonderful young woamn she has turned out to be. She never forgets her fans, those that propelled her to where she is today. Without the grand fan base she has built or any star for that matter, they would never have become a household name. Taylor knows this and has never forgotten who she is and where she came from. This young man's family and buddy must feel such pride at what she is doing. As a military Mom of two sons who are in and also a proud wife, I can tell you how my heart swelled with a sense of pride that there are still stars out there that believe it's the people and helping them that makes life on earth worth living. I have tried to get the attention of two other country singers in regard to writing a song from a loved ones one point of view being theone left behind. Neither have responded so maybe Taylor would like to be that star that writes about life and the struggles a loved one goes through when we are left to carry on. My husband is currently serving in Kuwait and I just never imagined how tough this was going to be. Anyway, I bet Wade is smiling in Heaven with the biggest smile he ever smiled. Thank you Taylor Swift for your dedication to our men and women in uniform and all the sacrifices they endure. You Taylor are a sweet, sweet person, don't ever let anything change that.

nonmember avatar Gail Davis

As a parent who has a son in the Military, this really touched my heart. Taylor is and has been since she became a country star a very nice and normal young woman. I love her music and would b proud to have a daughter or friend like her. May God continue to bless her each and every day!! Thank U Taylor!!!!!

nonmember avatar Rebecca Neal

Thank you so much Taylor Swift. You are one in a million. You have a heart of gold and there will be extra jewels in your

Crown when you go to heaven. God will reward you for your good heart and soul.

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