'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Maynard's Downfall Is Painfully Obvious

Emily Maynard doesn't belong on ABC's Bachelorette at all. I don't recall in any season ever seeing anyone I actually buy as SO sincere on this show.

Maynard set the show up as well as she could have. She is home, in Charlotte, North Carolina, near her daughter and her mother. The show never bent this much before and it's easy to see why. She is a winner and far too good for this show.

There isn't a single man thus far who even seems a quarter as genuine or as worthy as Emily.

Emily is lovely and sincere. She is quiet and flirtatious without being crude. She dressed perfectly and modestly and she loves her daughter above all else. This isn't a girl who belongs on this sleazy show.

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Ryan seems like the most enamored so far, but while Emily called him "too perfect," I suspect something else. I suspect he isn't really all that bright.

I can appreciate that Emily would rather really get to know these guys in her kitchen baking cookies than she would like to skydive with them and break up with them anyway but this season is going to be long and slow with dates like this.

Maynard seems to be determined to turn the show on its head, make it more kid-friendly, and really find a man. The sad truth is, no one else on the show seems to be there in maturity or in lifestyle.

Here's a working theory: I suspect Emily ends up with host Chris Harrison at the end of this. Maybe she is the REAL reason for his divorce. And honestly, I would love to see it. This season is a snooze-fest so far.

Pretty little "I want my man to be the boss" Emily Maynard may be sweet and lovely, but her kind of "fun" doesn't play well on television. A train wreck like Vienna Girardi should be here instead.

Maynard is far too class for this show. Vienna fits in fine.

Do you think Emily's season will be boring?


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Amy L. Harden

Oh God forbid if Vienna was here instead of Emily I would have to go throw myself off a cliff or something...She was horrible, fake and a DRAMA QUEEN! Veinna is like every girl you knew in high school and college that wagged their Ta-tas at the guys and then grinned over their shoulder as they walked out of the room with the guy you wanted. GGGRRRRRRR!

I like Emily and I like the way the show is going...I must agree with Kelly Ripa though...she certainly has slim picking's when it come to the guys! She is very classy!

Ramona Cooper

I completely agree, she reminds me of My Mother and hers of course, prob my self also, like a time gone by. She is your southern Bell. I hope and Pray she finds her Prince Charming if he does exist. Chris Harrison? I think she should find a nice Southern Man like her self.Vienna your typical pass around Gal..

Joanne Peterson Hintz

glad to know I"m not the only one who doesn't think too much of the majority of the bachelors on there. I think Chris Harrison is in love with her if you ask me! 

Laurel Garces

Oh my gosh....please climb out of Emily's behind.  She's not the second coming as you seem to view her!  The season is crap because she's a boring, non-deserving, hypocritical, sellout.  How soon they forget--she is guilty of all the things she initially complained of that started the friction with Brad to begin with!

Jill Thompson Gifford

I have said since I first heard she was the bachelorette that she and Chris were smitten with eachother from the last time she was on. When I heard he was divorcing his wife, I totally thought "Uh huh, they will be together in the end." If I recall correctly, she did say in a snippet shown today something about not getting engaged again unless it's going to HAPPEN. I wouldn't doubt finding out they are married once the show ends....

nonmember avatar kaerae

@laurel - No kidding! Are you on the Bachelor payroll or just obsessed! She doesn't have that much to offer, and if she had any sense, she wouldn't be on this train wreck. She loves her daughter above ALMOST all else. This show will not be a good experience for Ricki or teach her the right values at ALL, but at least martyr mommy will have her 15 minutes...

Snook... SnookiBoo

She is a bore. Really?  A date of going to her house and baking cookies?  Can the show get any more boring.   All she's looking for is a guy with money to support her princess life-style.  I mean how many single stay at home moms are there that can afford what she does? 

Wendy Fitzwater

I do not think she is a bore. I think she is lovely and I hope she finds her perfect match this time even if it is with Chris the show host.

Lainie Gutterman

I totally want Emily to run off with Chris Harrison too!!!! I agree that there is no contestants on the show good enough for Emily!

Caryn Menard

Well i gotta say.. i think Emily is full of herself and full of s@!t... she is not as sweet as she would have everyone believe. and this chick must come from money.. did you see the resort she "spent so much time at" when she was young? and the house she lives in with her daughter.. give me a break.. what 24 year old (when she was on with Brad) can afford a 4 bedroom brick colonial home... Maybe she sued when her fiancee was killed and got a big settlement... but whatever..I dont think she is as sweet as she wants us to think.. get her pissed off and lets see her true colors... i think she if phoney... and boring...just sayin

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