'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Maynard's Downfall Is Painfully Obvious

Emily Maynard doesn't belong on ABC's Bachelorette at all. I don't recall in any season ever seeing anyone I actually buy as SO sincere on this show.

Maynard set the show up as well as she could have. She is home, in Charlotte, North Carolina, near her daughter and her mother. The show never bent this much before and it's easy to see why. She is a winner and far too good for this show.

There isn't a single man thus far who even seems a quarter as genuine or as worthy as Emily.


Emily is lovely and sincere. She is quiet and flirtatious without being crude. She dressed perfectly and modestly and she loves her daughter above all else. This isn't a girl who belongs on this sleazy show.

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Ryan seems like the most enamored so far, but while Emily called him "too perfect," I suspect something else. I suspect he isn't really all that bright.

I can appreciate that Emily would rather really get to know these guys in her kitchen baking cookies than she would like to skydive with them and break up with them anyway but this season is going to be long and slow with dates like this.

Maynard seems to be determined to turn the show on its head, make it more kid-friendly, and really find a man. The sad truth is, no one else on the show seems to be there in maturity or in lifestyle.

Here's a working theory: I suspect Emily ends up with host Chris Harrison at the end of this. Maybe she is the REAL reason for his divorce. And honestly, I would love to see it. This season is a snooze-fest so far.

Pretty little "I want my man to be the boss" Emily Maynard may be sweet and lovely, but her kind of "fun" doesn't play well on television. A train wreck like Vienna Girardi should be here instead.

Maynard is far too class for this show. Vienna fits in fine.

Do you think Emily's season will be boring?


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