Did Ray J & Whitney Houston’s Family Brawl at Billboard Music Awards? (VIDEO)

Ray J So rumor has it there was some sort of an altercation between Whitney Houston's family and former fling Ray J at last night's Billboard Music Awards. Allegedly, Ray J was seated next to the Houston family for the event and Whitney's sister-in-law/former manager asked that he be moved.

This is where things really get scandalous, though. There may or may not have been eight uniformed officers who arrived on the scene to physically remove him. Oh snapppppppp.

Alas, a rep for the Las Vegas Police Department told Access they don't have a record of the whole shebang. In my eyes, it seems a little hyped up -- eh? If this is true, aren't we forgetting what's most important here? You know -- honoring Whitney?

Since the tragedy, Whitney's been honored absolutely everywhere. Every single time, there's this overall feel of appreciation and respect for her talent and her legacy. It really is somewhat surprising to me that something like this would actually happen on such a big night.

If it did, though, I'm sure it's all emotionally charged. Whitney meant a lot to both Ray J and, of course, her family. Maybe this is something they wanted to celebrate together, and they felt him being in the picture took away from it.

One thing is for sure: Jordin Sparks and John Legend did an impeccable job with their touching Whitney Houston tribute. That, and Bobbi Kristina made me tear up instantaneously with her on-stage speech. Conflict or not, there's no denying that Whitney's instilled some of her beauty within her daughter.

Watch Bobbi accept the Millennium award, here:

Do you believe there was a brawl between Ray J and the Houston family? Did you watch last night's Billboard Awards?


Image via Bob Bekian/Flickr

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jessi... jessicasmom1

can we let Whitney RIP .. 

three... threeforme157

Who cares...  Why act like her death was so tragic when she died from drug/ alcohol use.  Why should we honor her when she does not deserve our respect?  Her family is a joke, they just want the attention.

nonmember avatar Zuri

It's been three months people... Accept it, take a breath, move on.

Jscot... Jscott1216

A. They should be ashamed

Of themselves of they did cause a public scene like that. B. yes whitney has been gone for 3 months it's time to let her rest in piece. C. How ignorant of someone to say her and her whole family are a joke and she doesn't deserve any kind of honor. I hope that when you pass nobody says meh, who cares they don't deserve to be remembered. Yeah she made some mistakes in her life and unfortunately SOME people will only remember her for her mistakes. You're the one who doesn't deserve respect.

three... threeforme157

^Well hopefully she will rest in peace and not piece.  All I am saying is that she did not live a life in which she deserved respect.  She had the means and the ability to get clean and stay clean but it was her choice to surround herself with people who enabled her.  I stand by my comment about her faily being a joke, they are a mess.

mamivon2 mamivon2

Let this poor woman be... 

nonmember avatar Trinistar

Now they blaming Ray J,first it was Bobby Brown, they just want to blame someone for her death, that cracker was on drugs before Bobby and Raj came on the scene, and now her daughter is heading down the same path, Pat only looking for fame in her old days,trying to use Whitney death as a stepping stone, shame on you Pat,no one wants a reality show with the likes of you and that hag Sissy, are you people for real,another shameless act.

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