5 Celebs With Gorgeous Cellulite on Their Thighs (PHOTOS)

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britney spearsShe will be a rich woman who invents the cure for cellulite, but until that day comes, most of us will have to live with a little cottage cheese here and a little jiggle-wiggle there. Cellulite is a part of life, and the sooner we begin to embrace it, the sooner we can all just move on to other problems, like balding and adult-onset acne. In order to speed up our cellulite healing process, I've pulled photos of five celebrities who battle the orange peel thighs like you and I do. Point being, everyone has it. Even bagillionaire celebs. And if they can't do anything about it, we certainly can't do anything about it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the skin dimpling. You're not alone, my friend, you're not alone.

That, of course, is Britney Spears. The 30-year-old mother of two just signed on to judge X Factor but unfortunately got some attention for the visible cellulite on her thighs. But you know what? She looks great, and those shoes are slammin'.

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Reese Witherspoon went on a family vacation to Hawaii late last summer and lots of people exhaled a sigh of relief when they realized even America's sweetheart has some "flaws."

kim kardashian

Even Kim Kardashian, arguably one of the sexiest women alive, works some cellulite on the legs. We've seen her try and get rid of it on the show, but no need, Kim. Embrace it!

jennifer aniston

Recognize those incredible stems? They belong to one Jennifer Aniston. Hard to believe the woman has any sort of imperfection, but her legs look realistically lived in, and that's a good thing.

sonja morgan

Any Real Housewives of New York fan will tell you that Sonja Morgan, seen here hugging co-star Ramona Singer, likes to have a great time. She's all about showing off her body and doesn't care what you have to say about it.

Do you try and hide your cellulite?


Photos 1 and 2 via Splash News; 3 through 5 via Pacific Coast News

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Delamara Delamara

Because some people can't get rid of it! And I'm sorry if MY body offends someone because I have cellulite!! Can YOU stand up and say you're perfect? That EVERYTHING on your body looks like a million dollars? NO because no one is perfect! So SICK of people telling women to live up to such high standards! Shit like that causes eating disorders and for NORMAL women to hate their bodies. I do eat well and I do work out, and guess what...I still have cellulite. So take your perfect bodies and GTFO because the women who suffer from it, know the pain and the ridicule and they SHOULD be able to feel beautiful in their own body! 

nonmember avatar Keelz_jade

Leave Lindsey alone!! The article is great she is nice about all the celebs shown, she is obviously trying to express that cellulite is okay and people should not worry as even celebs who the press make out to be perfect get it.... It's airbrushing etc that is having an impact on young people not this article.... Grow up!!!!

Hyman Hyman

I don't even see cellulite on a couple???

nonmember avatar homer

Point taken but Jennifer Aniston doesn't have cellulite. At worst that's just a picture with some unflattering shadows. I wish I had her alleged cellulite instead of my bag of cottage cheese.

nonmember avatar fertie

Hallelujah! I was starting to think I was the only one in the world with hideous cellulite on my thighs. Thanks for a moment of solidarity - it eases the (pain's too dramatic a world so...?)

Indig... IndigoRose


The search for bodily perfection is absurd. going crazy

Jim Job

Cottage Cheese, anyone?

Jim Job

My last comment was intended as a pun only. Calling for cottage cheese may have been just a tad unfeeling, but it was kinda funny. I am no body perfect, myself. I often make jokes about it. The bottom line is our skin is what it is and if we can't accept that, then we should just fall off the face of the planet. No one is perfect... Jennifer Aniston does come real close though...

nonmember avatar Vanesa

This is who 90% or more of us women are!!! Cellulite is not pretty, but the media has made it like it's unnatural! It's how we are built........learn to embrace who we are!!!

Angie Hayes

I don't think its cute, but it seems like we all got it! I don't think men care as much as we do..

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