LeAnn Rimes Takes Feud With Brandi Glanville to Creepy New Level (PHOTOS)

If I were forced to take sides in the LeAnn Rimes/Brandi Glanville feud, I'd probably have to go with Brandi. I'm not impressed with either of their media antics, surgically-enhanced bodies, or inexplicable attraction to Eddie Cibrian, but I do feel sorry for Brandi's situation—it would suck to lose your husband to anyone, much less a quasi-celebrity who has somehow managed to get the lock on the Frolicking Lovers in Tropical Locations tabloid category.

Personally, I didn't blame Glanville at all when she admitted that when she first saw LeAnn at a soccer game with her ex-husband and kids, she had murderous thoughts ("I really thought I was going to physically hurt her"). But as for LeAnn, her recent Twitter post may be intended to convey a most impolite response to that raw confession.

You know, unless it was a total coincidence that she took a break from the bikini self-portraits in order to post some images of her firing a gun.

Glanville tried to backtrack a bit on her statements, telling E!,

Every mother has those protective mother-bear feelings, but I obviously didn’t want to kill her. It was a figure of speech.

But it seems like LeAnn may have taken them to heart. Or, you know, maybe she just randomly decided to post these images, OUT OF THE BLUE:


She also tweeted, "I used to go shopping on a day off, now I go shooting! Fun as all get out!!!!" and I guess maybe this is just a fun new hobby and has nothing to do with Brandi Glanville whatsoever—orrrrrrrrr, maybe it's a message. You know: back off, lady, because I can protect myself.

With, um, an M4 carbine assault rifle.

Anyway, either this is just weird timing or LeAnn's got a special way of communicating with her nemesis, but either way, boy do these ladies need to bury the hatchet, and preferably not in each other's backs. There are kids to think of, for crying out loud, and no one's going to be able to move on if they both keep sniping at each other in public.

Then again, they won't get as much media attention if they end up as friends, so ... hmmm. Well played, ladies. Well played.

Do you think LeAnn's gun photos were a message to Brandi Glanville?

Images via Twitter



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dirti... dirtiekittie

nah, maybe in a funny "haha, what timing!" kind of way... but i think to say she plotted it specifically against brandi is giving her WAY too much credit. besides, she's from down south (i remember hearing all about her locally before she blew up huge) and her family was all true southern, gun owners, red blooded americans so on and so forth.

honestly, i think lots of celebrities pull these little 'tongue-in-cheek' type moves to keep their names relevant. oh, brandi g was interviewed, so now leann is going to post a random tweet. oh look, chris brown's gf hates rihanna... but rihanna posts pictures of rice cakes she's going to kill! whoa!

it's stupid. we obsess over the stupidest little ish (myself included!) because they're celebrities. but when you stop and think about it... they're just people too, with drama and crazy lives and ridiculous money. your drama is just far more interesting (even the most mundane, idiotic stuff) just because you have a world at your fingertips.

Jenn Johnson

If this was a 'message to Brandi', it's laughable at that. The only thing Leanna is even known for anymore is being a homewrecker, bravo. Speaking of Bravo... I love Brandi, even in all her hotmess moments. Ha!

mustb... mustbeGRACE

That seems a really unstable thing to do.

She sucks.


nonmember avatar missy

YES!!!! Leeann and Eddie are pigs. Brandi is sophisticated and classy....everything they're not!

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Yes! Everything Leann does is calculated! Her past actions are proof that she is not genuine or honest!

nonmember avatar Tara

Ive been in Brandi's shoes and actually just got divorced because of the same situation so when she said she wanted to kill her, I totally know what she ment but hello!?!? She's totally justified in feeling that infuriated that she'd want to inflict harm on that home wrecker. Not saying I think she would but that's the emotions you feel when going through something so devastating and traumatic. LeAnn on the other hand has absolutely no reason to say anything to Brandi because Brandi was the innocent one in the situation. There's no way LeAnn can justify her actions at in all in any way shape or form from the time she started her affair with a married man till now. Can't help who u fall in love with? Well u can help how u handle dealing with ur significant other that u don't want to be with anymore. Some people just aren't man enough to do it the right way.

nonmember avatar Srsanchez

Gee, imagine THAT.....women fighting over a man who isn't deserving of either one of them.

Tracy J. Mills

I'm with Jen Johnson! I've lost all respect and compassion for LeAnn, Kudo's to Brandi for being a momma bear!

nonmember avatar Lori

I think Brandi will try to get Leann to react to lots of things to please Bravo for Real Housewives of Bev Hills. Brandi says some outrageous twitter things and Leann reacts. That's what I see.

Danielle Mott Cepero

It is natural for a woman to want to eliminate threats to her family- it's part of the way we tick.  LeAnn was clearly a threat to the unity of her family, as well as Brandi's own disloyal husband.  Brandi's feelings were perfectly normal and the fact that she did not act on them shows she has a heart and a conscious.  I wish we could say the same for LeAnn and Eddie.  

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