'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Engagement May Change Her for Good

Just when we think Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom can't get any more up and down, she does the unthinkable. She gets engaged. In case you are wondering to whom (I know I was), try to keep up! It's Gary Head, her on-again off-again Marine boyfriend who is now her fiance.

This is in spite of their recent break-up and her reunion with Kieffer Delp (king of the bad boyfriends) and then her reunion with Head. It's so confusing, I realize, but that is exactly why it's a bad plan.

Her mom is said to approve of the engagement and Lord knows, Jenelle looks happy in the photo she tweeted of the ring. But why so soon?

I have no doubt that Jenelle is capable of turning her bad luck around and being happily married (OK, maybe that second part is a stretch), but why not wait?

The fact is, marriage is a huge commitment, and while I highly doubt these two will stay faithful and together long enough to actually make it to the altar, engagement is a big step, too. 

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Luckily, it's JUST engagement, though. Had these two eloped, I would have been singing a different tune. If they need a ring to explore actual commitment, then fine. But my guess is it won't last.

Of course, I hate to be a pessimist. They are young and many relationships start off rocky. Maybe they will beat the odds and have a lovely wedding and she will get Jace back and get her life together and get a good job. It's possible, right?

And between you and me, that's what we all want. Even if we love to mock her or hate her or gasp when she does yet another crazy thing, what we all REALLY want is to see her succeed and be happy.

Let's hope this is it. I am not holding my breath, but I am also hoping they prove my cynical self wrong.

Do you think they will actually get married?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Michelle

I always marvel at her priorities...boob job, engagement, weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach? Get off your WHITE TRASH ASS, get an education, take care of your son (maybe get back custody first) and quit ruining your life. I realize she hasn't had the best life but SUCK IT UP and start acting like a mother.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

She is nuts for wanting to get married because she isn't ready. She needs to start thinking about what she is going to do with her life by getting a job, going back to school and taking her of her son instead of always worring about herself.

mamivon2 mamivon2

She needs to grow up..

mommy... mommy2annaliese

I think everyone who "hates her" but still reads all the articles and tweets and facebook post by here need to grow up, and stop stalking.


if you hate her, why are you reading this?

linzemae linzemae

She looks really pretty and happy in that picture

Nicole Gower

Being not that much older then her myself, I can say that teens are USUALLY not ready to give up their independence to raise a baby. Fact is, teens have usually JUST STARTED gaining some independence for themselves and being able to make their own decisions and deal with their own consequences and giving up that very newly acquired freedom-even if it is for your child- is NO EASY FEAT. That said, she's young. Her priorities are GOING TO BE screwy to people who are older and wiser, doesn't mean she doesn't have good intentions or that she's any worse then any other teen, she's just in the spotlight during this tough transitional time. I wish her and all other teen moms the best of luck and I hope (really, I know) she will "straighten up" and get her priorities in line soon. Until then, she is nothing more then your average teenage girl- except she is also a mother.

Brittani Martin

how are you goin to be a wife when you cant even be a mother?

MomLi... MomLily67

Oh lord!!! way to young and immature. Hope they realize that and wait a bit, Counseling should help. Bu who know, having a sense of belonging and feeling loved and supported might just turn her ways around. 

Heather Barrientos

@ Michelle lmao aint it the truth i dont hate her i feel for her and i dislike her decisions bc they are very smart her should should be her #1 focus and getting him back if she can get new boobs and he can buy her a ring and give her a wedding why cant they pay someone to get her kid back that would be the 1 st step in showing everyone she has or is at least trying to grow up i live 3 hours away frm the beach she went to and it cost me an ass of money just to make a trip there shes in a totally different state so i know it wasnt cheap for her and y didnt she just go to the beach in NC instead of coming here to sc ?

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