7 Ways 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard's Season Will Change the Show Forever

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I've waited and waited, and the day has finally arrived -- The Bachelorette is officially returning to satisfy my reality TV obsession and giving me a huge reason to look forward to Mondays again. (Hallelujah.) And I've gotta admit, while I get pretty fired up for the premiere of The Bachelor or Bachelorette every season, this time I'm really excited, because Emily Maynard is going to change the cheese factor of the show once and for all.

Instead of rolling our eyes at a bunch of frat daddies trying to see who can make out with Emily first, Chris Harrison hints that we'll actually get to watch guys being old fashioned and trying to court her (what a concept), and hopefully a lot of the useless drama will be gone from the show. Wow. A Bachelorette that actually seems believable and worth watching from night one? Yes, please!

Emily is so classy and has such a natural, unassuming way about her -- and she really has the chance to change the course of the show for the better.

1. The Mom Factor -- Emily may be a single lady looking for love, but she's a mom first and foremost. She'll want to set a good example for her daughter, Ricki, so I'm anticipating a lot less smooching, zero skinny dipping, and ground rules being firmly laid down before any fantasy suites are visited. She'll get to know these men by talking to them and spending quality time with them -- not by playing tonsil hockey.

2. Don't Mess With Mama Bear -- While I refuse to watch the clip because I'm really trying to avoid spoilers this season, there's already a shot of Emily telling one man to "Get the fu&% out!" (Bentley, if I had to guess?) She's not taking any crap from these guys -- and it's awesome.

3. Decent Conversation -- Get ready people, because there may be some actual quality conversations going on between Emily and her dudes. No more small talk. No more flattery and sugar coating. Nope -- Em is going to want to dig deeper and find out who these guys really are.

4. Less Backstabbing -- I don't know about you, but I'm so over the guys and girls on the show backstabbing each other, trying to sabotage each other's dates, etc. This time around, the men will take things much more seriously instead of letting petty drama get in the way.

5. Real, Honest Love Connections -- For once in the entire history of The Bachelorette franchise, the leading lady actually has finding lasting true love on her mind. She can't afford to get too serious with anyone she wouldn't want to bring home to her daughter, so what we see between Emily and her suitors is going to be authentic and real.

6. More Realistic Dating Scenarios -- Although there are going to be tropical beaches and helicopters during Emily's season, a good part of the show was filmed in her hometown of Charlotte, N.C. instead of L.A. Chances are her dates will much more closely resemble dates that non-reality TV people go on.

7. Paving the Road for the Future -- Regardless of whether Emily's season has a happy ending, it will determine the future of more single parents going on the show. If she doesn't wind up with a ring on her finger or at least a strong, lasting relationship, there's a good chance that other single moms & dads will be deterred from applying. But if she finds love? She'll offer new hope to other parents who want to find someone to share their lives with.

Are you planning on watching the premiere of The Bachelorette tonight?


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nonmember avatar Sharon

you're blinded by her edit last time honey. I don't dislike her but I'm neutral to all the bachelorettes on this show. You'll be surprised to see her kiss intimately with open mouth with her last three guys and roll on the floor with certain guy even before hometown day. Please put things in perspective. Emily 's a good person, but she's no angel or virgin maria. She goes on nation TV to love and teh premise of the show is you have to test if there is emotional and physical connection with 25 guys. If you look forward to her conversations alone, that would make a very boring show. All the leads in the past had meaningful conversations with suitors, but they did not make great TV. The only time i saw meaningful conversation and how powerful communication can be in a reality TV relationship is between Ashley and JP. All they do is make out and talk. They communicated so well on the show like no others. That, to me, is to show how 2 people really connect emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Here's hoping Emily shows some her intellect besides her beauty.

nonmember avatar TheFACTSR

NOPE! NO different! 25 men dating ONE female is a horrible look no matter who does the kissing.

The multiples dating reminds me only of the compounds where men have ump-teen wives!

Sickening no matter the name of the ONE with the 25!

Elaine Cox

If you think any of this will really happen..then it's sad....She is a mom first and foremost so no tonsil hockey..and also no ratings!!...

nonmember avatar Disgusted

Any woman who would do this is desperate for attention and pathetic. Seriously, sell your soul to the devil, the end result would be better. Stay classy fame whores

Jane Hutton

Personally, I thought this was a positive and hopeful article which I appreciated. If all of these things actually do happen this season will be the most honest since Ryan and Trista hit it off so beautifully. I, for one, would thoroughly enjoy such a refreshning change from the majority of past seasons.

Dina Hoofus

I've already seen coming attractions showing her kissing various guys. Not very classy. How about spending the weeks getting to know the guys, allowing a kiss on the cheek, and the ending be her choosing a guy to START seriously dating? Now THAT would be classy. No, this show will be the same old same old.

Liz Gibson

Kids get in the way. All the date could be boring.

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