Kristen Stewart Wants to Play an Evil Psychopath & That's Smart

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kristen stewartThere's been some speculation that Kristen Stewart would be perfect in the Anastasia role in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but it doesn't sound like anything Kristen is interested in. In fact, if Kristen has her way, she will next play a suicidal girl who is in love with her own father. The character, Peyton Loftis, is in the book Lie Down in Darkness, and KStew is dying to play her.

She told Elle magazine:

I want to play Peyton more than anything I can possibly taste or touch in my life. I want to play her so bad.

She also told the mag she would love to play the murderous prostitute mother in East of Eden. "She's a psychopathic, evil c**t! I haven't done that yet," enthused KStew.

Kristen is absolutely right to want to play characters who are as far from Twilight's Bella Swan as possible. If she wants a long acting career, which presumably she does, it is imperative that she not get typecast. Although Kristen has been an actress since she was a child (I'm most familiar with her from Panic Room) and she no doubt has a broad range, the fact is, Hollywood has a very short memory. You can bet that Kristen is right now drowning in scripts with parts that are close to what Bella was. And since Anastasia Steele is based on the Bella character, to play her would be career suicide. Especially if the movie turns out to be a hit, she will never get away from the Bella-like roles.

KStew needs to go as evil, as psychopathic, as crazy as possible. She needs to do a character like Charlize Theron's in Monster. Right now, it's not about getting her fans to follow her to the next movie, or even to win an Oscar (though that would be nice!), it's about proving to everyone (i.e. Hollywood studio executives and directors) that she's got the acting chops to play a wide array of characters. This is Acting Career 101.

Plus, I imagine she wants to be challenged, as most of us do at our jobs. I personally think she will make a great evil character. She's got a deadly pout that will really come in handy for it.

Should Kristen next play evil characters?


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Pinst... Pinstripes4

I hate it when people use the c-word. Yes to everything else you said.

nonmember avatar A

She bums me out.

Felly... FellyScarlett

Please, dear God, tell me they aren't actually making an East of Eden remake.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i love kristen stewart, and have watched her in plenty of movies before Twilight came out. she definitely has the chops to do it, and i'd totally watch anything else she may choose to do in the future, if it were a movie that interested me... (and so far, most everything she's been in has been of interest! :))

Teri Swenson

She is great! I would love to see her in this type of role!

nonmember avatar Shannon

I just hope that she actually shows emotion in her new films because truefully she sucked playing bella.

Ava Mimi Cummings

Come on Kristen i know u don't want to play fifty shades of gray, ain't Rob playing n this movie? I want to see u n Rob n another picture together. What i really want to see u all n is another twilight movie i'm just saying

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