10 Sexy Robert Pattinson Pics to Celebrate His 26th Birthday (PHOTOS)

robert pattinsonWhile most of us were busy celebrating Mother's Day with our families yesterday, Robert Pattinson was partying it up in London to celebrate his 26th birthday. (Please tell me I'm not the only cougar person who thought he was a little bit closer to 30?)

Although Kristen Stewart was mysteriously M.I.A. from his little shin-dig with friends (What's up with that?), Rob still appeared to be having a blast with his family and pals Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge at Claridges, a very popular venue for British A-listers, not to mention the royals.

Rob has certainly accomplished quite a bit at only 26-years-old, and his acting career isn't the only thing that seems to be getting better and better as he ages.

With every passing year, he just keeps getting hotter and sexier, making it absolutely impossible to resist him. Heck, I even think he looks great when he's all scruffy and messy, and I usually hate when men aren't clean-shaven and neat.

On that note, in honor of Rob's 26th birthday, here are some of his most smoldering photos yet. Try not to drool too much.

If you could personally wish Rob a Happy Birthday, what would you say to him?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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jagam... jagamama0710

Huh. I also thought he was closer to 30. We're the same age I guess. Happy 26th to him! 

nonmember avatar Leichla

I want to wish him the very best BIRTHDAY...n keep looking Hot like you always do :-)

nonmember avatar Melissa

Happy Birthday Rob. Hope you had a good one. Keep looking hott like you always do. ;-)

Cindy Huston-Garven

Happy Birthday Robert, you hunk of a man. You are so talented as an actor, that this 52 yr. old woman feels like 20 something when I watch the Twilight series. Love you in Newark, Ohio.

Tresa Robinson

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, I wish I could meet you, it would make my world,.

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