Ryan Gosling's Thing for Cougars Makes Him Even Hotter

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You've got to hand it to Ryan Gosling. He is one smokin' hot hunk-o-rama. Not only does he look good, and he's a great actor, but he goes around saving people's lives and stuff. But also ... he loves him some older women! Yeah, there are butt men, and boob men, and then there are cougar men. I'm thinking Ryan is a cougar man. He and his cou-gal, Eva Mendes, were spotted holding hands (hell, they were clutching hands!) in New York City yesterday after grabbing some java.

Ry and Eva, who is seven years older than he is, are still going strong after a bunch of break-up rumors. And this isn't a surprise since the older gals are his thing. Just take a look at this man's romantic history.

First, Ry hooked up with Sandra Bullock, long before she was married to that serial cheater, Jesse James. At the time, Sandy was 16 years older than Ryan. That's a serious ride on the cougar carosel. And makes Ryan very hot.

Then Ry moved on to his The Notebook costar, Rachel McAdams. She's only two years older than Ryan, but hey, that's like 10 years in Hollywood years.

Now he's with Eva, who is 38, while Ryan is 31. That doesn't exactly qualify Eva as a "cougar" since, technically, a cougar is supposed to be 10 years older than her cub, not seven. (I had to do research on that once, that's how I know. Yeah, there's rules for this kind of thing.) But who cares about these little technicalities.

What is clear that Ryan likes his women to be women -- not little girls. I bet in intimate moments, Ryan doesn't coo, "Hey girl," but "Hey woh-man." Oh yeah.

Does Ryan's jones for older ladies make him sexier?


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Ember... Emberbaby

I wish people would stop using the term cougar. Seriously? How did older get stuck with that label? Men date younger women's all the time and don't get stuck with awful labels.

MamaR... MamaRae85

Emberbaby, you're totally right. I sure as heck woldn't appreciate being called a 'cougar' if I were 7 years older than my significant other. How stupid.

elle7777 elle7777

Come on, 7 years does not make a couger. A 7 year difference if the genders was reversed wouldn't even be mentioned probably.

Irish... IrishQuinn

Seriously? 7 years is nothing! Society needs to quit it the cougar crap!

nonmember avatar Meg

Agreeing with EVERYONE else that a 7 year age difference does not mean he has a thing for 'older women' and it does not make her a 'cougar'. This is a ridiculous article. And it made me feel better to comment on it. :)

messy... messylife

I agree-seven years does not a cougar make! However, I don't object to the term and think I may become one hell of a cougar very shortly now...

Being compared to a sleek, beautiful, fast cat -wow, yeah, that's demeaning. Older men with younger women are called "sugar daddies" and "lecherous" -both much worse than "cougar" in my opinion. It's just a funny term anyway -if two people really love each other and everyone is actually over 18 -well, who really cares?

messy... messylife

I also feel that the "cougar" term should really only apply after a woman reaches her 40s. Even if a 35 year old is dating a 20 year old -I just don't see her as a "cougar."

nonmember avatar jane

hes hot, shes hot. hell who cares. cougars a good name. makes them remember they can get younger guys. im 35 wish i could be called a cougar

jessi... jessicasmom1

 nothing wrong with that

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