Joe Jonas Tanks His Sex Appeal With Cheesy Dating Show

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I'm sure that you've been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear who "the world's most eligible celebrity bachelors" were going to be for The Choice, right? I mean, a dating show formatted to be a copycat of a singing competition—what more could you possibly want? Other than a desperate collection of washed-up B-listers, that is.

Which is why I am downright shocked to see that Joe Jonas has joined the predictably cheesy list of celebrities who will be appearing on the show. I'm not exactly a slobbering Jonas Brothers fan, but what's this young super-popular star doing on a show alongside Pauly D, The Situation, Rob Kardashian, American Idol's Taylor Hicks, and Dean Cain?

These guys are the celebrity bait in the upcoming show, which involves celebs choosing a potential love interest by the sounds of their voices. When a celeb hears something they like, they pull a "love handle" (OFFICIAL FOX DESCRIPTION WHICH I AM NOT MAKING UP), which sends their potential suitor spinning to face them. It's just like The Voice, but with implied sex!

Anyway, I can't figure out what Joe Jonas is doing on this particular show. It sort of seems like the kiss of death, career-wise, but maybe I'm just not seeing the big picture. Or the small picture, rather, since the Jonas Brothers seem to be on a mission to take over the reality TV market lately. Another Jonas is starring in a show called Married to Jonas, which offers an inside look at the life and marriage of Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle. Cameos are expected from the other Jonas Brothers once the show debuts on E! in August.

So maybe The Choice is just part of Joe's master plan, but it comes across like a low-rent move to me. He's young, he's successful, he's got millions of girls worshipping at their little Jonas idols or whatever—The Choice seems far better suited for aging celebs who are trying to milk every last drop of their 15 minutes. (No offense, Carmen Electra.)

Actually, what I'd really like to know is how much he's getting paid to be on the show, and how his value differs from, say, Dean Cain. Maybe this is just Fox's play to bring in young viewers, and Joe's laughing all the way to the bank.

Are you surprised that Joe Jonas will be on this celebrity dating show?

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nonmember avatar Lexi Jordan

Ya, he shouldn't be having a hard time getting dates. The whole show is a weird concept, but Carmen Electra isn't a bad choice. ya she isn't famous for much these days but I know ALOT of men who wouldn't mind going on a date with her!! But The Situation and Taylor Hicks , who wants to see that?! Lame!

thing... thingz123

He isn't the bankable celebrity that he used to be. 3 year ago, yeah, but not now.  And I suppose he has to eat and pay bills like everyone else. He's not all that and a bag of chips anymore.

nonmember avatar Nicole

Joe did this for fun, he's said it himself. He also said he hasn't taken this chick on an actual date. This is like free money. Turn your chair and try to act interested and you can get yourself a nice new car. That's all it is in my opinion and ONE episode. Don't get your panties in a twist :)

nonmember avatar Barb

Joe Jonas is super hot in every sense and certainly doesn't need help getting a date. I think he did this for fun and it's a further example of how the Jonas Brothers don't take themselves too seriously. They always have time for their fans and don't act with superior rock star cool. To me, that's always been part of their appeal.

nonmember avatar directioner

i hate joe he should be in worse shows idk why hes still famous hes a washed up disney star no one cares anymore its all about beiber or ONE DIRECTION!!!!<3

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