5 Celebrities Without Makeup We Barely Recognize (PHOTOS)

Courtney LoveStars without makeup are fascinating. We're so used to seeing them groomed, coated, and shellacked into perfection that when it all comes off, what's underneath is often shocking.

Sometimes it's for the better, and we wonder why they don't show some restraint more often, but more often than not it makes us realize just how much makeup is their friend. Here are five stars without makeup who you would be hard-pressed to recognize.

Are you surprised to see what these stars look like without makeup? Who looks the best? Worst?

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Heath... HeatherMazzone

Courtney Love always looks like a train wreck, even with makeup. Usually bc its smeared all over her face. Rihanna looks pretty good without makeup.

Laurlev Laurlev

I think they all look good (except Courtney Love).

PonyC... PonyChaser

Seriously? AGAIN with the slide shows? Do you guys NOT listen to your readers? Tons of us have problems with viewing these - I refuse to look through them, because each slide causes the page to COMPLETELY RELOAD. It's ridiculous. Perhaps if you found a way to just reload the pic in the slideshow, it would be better. Until then, you're going to have a LOT of readers - ones like me, who are on slower rural connections, and others who use phones and these slideshows don't work on them - who are going to completely miss multiple articles. Way to keep up with customer service!!

Rant over.

The only pic I can see is the one of Courtney Love, the inset picture. Of course he looks awful, it's an awful picture!! I've seen other pics of her without makeup, and she looks pretty good. Same with plenty of other celebs - I think it's all in the photo, the pose, whatever. Catch them off guard with a weird look on their face, and no amount of makeup is going to fix that. Catch them happy and smiling, and they don't even need lip balm.

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

I think that's awful lol. I think we are so overly critical of celebrities and expect them to look gorgeous all the time. It's nice to see them look like everyone else.

Jenny... JennyG0929

+1 on the stupid slideshows. Takes forever to load and makes your articles worthless.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Katie holmes looks adorable. Really most of them look fine but honestly everyone has pictures that dont even look like them! And NO MORE FREAAKING SLIDESHOWS omg

nonmember avatar megan

Agree about the slideshows, takes to long to view on my phone, so i won't even read the article with them usually. Makes an otherwise decent article not even worth it!!!

ceciliam ceciliam

They are normal people just like everyone else. Not surprised or shocked.

slw123 slw123

They just look normal (except Courtney Love, looking really creepy in that photo).

nonmember avatar Lord K

Explain why any of this is surprising? Celebrities are just people, some who may have above average attractiveness, some who are just average, all who get 'decorated' to look really hot. I've seen many ordinary people who were more attractive rolling out of bed, than many of the hottest celebs.

slw123 - women can't be creepy, don't be ridiculous! That's our trait.

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