Tony Lucca's 'The Voice' Song Choice Made Him Look Like a Sore Loser (VIDEO)

tony lucca 99 problems the voiceSomething seems to have happened back in the early '90s between former Mickey Mouse Club-ers Tony Lucca and Christina Aguilera to trigger some bad blood. She was one of the youngins when he was one of the senior principles on the show (remember, he totally had something going with Felicity Keri Russell!), so maybe he bullied her a bit? Who knows, but there has to be a reason Xtina harbors bitterness against Lucca, because this season on The Voiceshe's been really hard on him.

Side note: I still can't believe he's a contestant. What does that say about his pathetic non-career? Well, if he did anything remotely hurtful to her in the past, I could see why Christina would be gloating now ...

Anyway, Christina's tough treatment aside, Tony's the one who should feel ashamed.

For his final performance last night, the former Mouseketeer performed Jay-Z's "99 Problems," which, if you're not familiar, includes the line: "I got 99 problems, but a b*tch ain't one." Huh. Oh, he's not bitter at all, right?! And I wouldn't be surprised if Christina felt like that lyric was directed at her. Doesn't seem to me that it was a mistake, a coincidence, or intended to mean something else -- that's for sure. Even if it was, it was still wrong. As Christina put it in her critique for Tony:

Tonight you came here with your beautiful wife and daughter and family, and I just thought the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory toward women.

Right on.

Now, to be fair, the song was chosen not by Lucca (reportedly), but by his coach, Adam Levine, who we all know to be an immature tool. Someone who I'm sure wouldn't have any problem stirring up drama and attempting to stick it to Xtina with a jab like this. And that's just as lame as Tony's attempt to tabloid/blog headline himself (back?) to relevancy. Tsk, tsk. Sad.

No matter how much grief she gave him, Grammy Award-winning diva Christina Aguilera is in a completely different universe than nobody Tony Lucca. He should have been kissing the ground she walks on. Sure, enduring what he has had to be a huge blow to his ego, but he's the one who signed up for a reality singing competition show. Too bad he felt he had to resort to that song choice -- or even just agree to it. It's certainly not going to win him any fans.

Here's his performance, if you missed it ...


Do you agree Tony overstepped or did Christina have it coming?

Image via NBCTheVoice/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Liz

Oh please, Maressa. If their genders were reversed and Tony was a female contestant constantly getting hounded by a male judge, you would be praising Tony for taking a stand. I despise men who use the B word to dismiss women and treat them with less respect, but when a woman has no respect for others, she brings the label on herself.

nonmember avatar B

While I agree that was a horrible song choice for network television, completely inappropriate if you ask me, I do like the song and I thought he did it well. Not a fan of Lucca really though. I think Christina was right about it; however, anyone notice the little sequened underwear she had on last night? Or her wardrobe any other time really showing half her chest? That to me is derogatory toward women. She is the only woman judge so she should represent women with a little more class, especially if she is going to make statements like that.

nonmember avatar Maria

I'm a huge Christina Aguilera fan but she has been acting like a bitch all season long. I remember a few years back she said that Mariah Carey had treated her really bad when she met her. Christina said she idolized Mariah and wanted to meet her - when she did Mariah snubbed her and later christina was asked to leave Mariah's party. Now Christina is acting just as bad as Mariah. Christina needs to wake up and start treating people with respect or she will get chewed up and spit out. It's called karma!

LoRenny LoRenny

I thought Tony's rendition of the song was AWESOME. And I think Christina is trashy. And I LOVED Adam's 'it's called a metaphor'....classic!

Haile... HaileyInezMom

Look I like Tony and the song. did not think anything about it until Christina opened her big mouth. I thought it was a great choice for him. And why call Adam a  immature tool. You have no clue what goes on.

nonmember avatar Sarah

"No matter how much grief she gave him, Grammy Award-winning diva Christina Aguilera is in a completely different universe than nobody Tony Lucca. He should have been kissing the ground she walks on."

BS...We are all from the same universe. People may think they inhabit a different relm of superiority because comments like yours adds to their ego, which might already be the size of a planet. Is she allowed to treat all "nobodies" the same way because she is famous? And are we all supposed to kiss the ground she walks on because she is? No.

Thank you for comfirming their beliefs that they are better than everyone else. Because we need more people in this universe who are egocentric D-bags to everyone else....really thank you for that.

Shannon Sintic

I disagree as well. In my very own opinion lol I can see Adam telling Tony that he was going to go far on his own and when Adam mentioned they discussed the use of the song for hours they probably decided to stick it to Christina by him doing that song as his last one and I think Adam wearing the Team Xtina shirt nailed that in even more. Christina was rude & unprofessional the entire time. I wonder if she didn't crush on him back then and he rejected her and maybe he somehow rejected her now in the present too because there was just too much bad blood going on for those to be old crush wounds.

Erica Spillman

you cannot be serious...Christina has been straight up rude to him since the show started. She wants to talk about not being family friendly when her boobs are falling out every episode...dont make me laugh. You must not have been watching the same show as me. I used to be a big fan of Christina but her attitude has cemented in my mind why i'll never be a fan again. 

Jel Lybean

ChrisTEENAGER abused her position as a coach attacking one individual for 6 weeks straight, texting on her phone during a thank you speech, and interupting others to get her point across. She claims the song choice was disrespectful to women? How about her song Dirty, or better yet, her outfit in that video? Was that complimentary to women? High School Mentality. I do not put the tv on at night to watch childish bantering and temper tantrums. I have teenagers at home if I should ever crave viewing that nonsense.

nonmember avatar slobslapper

Christina Aguilera is a hypocrite. Her actions and songs have done more to degrade women than this one song. She obviously is suffering from unrequited love.

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